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On February 13, Tengxian yunzhicai doors and windows opened, with an unprecedented scene. In order to thank the majority of new and old customers for their support and love for yunzhicai doors and windows brand, the opening was a big reward, with unprecedented benefits, highlighting the strength of the big brand of doors and windows. Good news came frequently during the opening period, and more than 40 orders were signed in the four days before and after the opening of the Tengxian store. With excellent results, it shows the strength of yunzhicai doors and windows, so how do they create such amazing performance? Today, let's go into yunzhicai doors and windows store to have a look

yunzhicai doors and windows has cooperated with President Qin for eight years. The old store has changed its new address, and the new store has opened. The new store covers an area of more than 300 square meters. At present, it is the largest door supermarket in Teng County. Before the Spring Festival, yunzhicai doors and windows headquarters has provided the opening planning scheme. The marketing department has provided the whole process design, planning and opening activity series scheme. The opening will be supervised, implemented and implemented on site in advance. Tengxian franchised stores have been warmed up before opening on the seventh day of the lunar new year, advertising teams, shopping malls, community flyers, old customers, etc

yunzhicai doors and windows headquarters will give 100% support to every dealer of doors and windows. This time, in addition to the support in the early stage of store design and atmosphere layout, yunzhicai doors and windows headquarters also sent Marketing Director Li to guide, and the South District high manager personally led the active marketing assistance team to participate in the implementation of the whole process, so that the opening activities can be carried out smoothly

the opening activity of Yunzhi caimen windowed Teng County exclusive store was very popular

on the day of opening, the popularity of the store exploded, and customers poured in continuously to understand and consult. The shopping guides of Tengxian store warmly received every customer and introduced the products in the store in detail. The hot atmosphere at the event attracted a large number of customers, and lucky customers successively drew prizes such as microwave ovens, electric cookers, quilts and so on

through the close cooperation between the manufacturer and the dealer, the solid foundation of the enterprise, the accurate brand positioning, assisted by the perfect online communication and offline experience, the opening of Yunzhi caimen window Tengxian exclusive store has achieved a complete success! Yunzhi caimen window will practice the active marketing assistance mode, help every dealer grow, jointly explore the market and jointly create wealth

to celebrate the grand opening of the door and window store in Tengzhou and thank all customers and friends for their concern! During the opening of the new store, new and old customers are welcome to purchase

store address: 200 meters above the gate of Donghai garden, Teng County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi (i.e. the underground first floor of Hengbang garden)




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