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If Ali is an aircraft carrier, jucost can be regarded as a relatively independent pioneer ship under Ali, and can shoulder some of Ali's missions to complete seemingly difficult tasks such as the transformation and decoration industry. The renovation and decoration industry is just the beginning of Alibaba's industrial consumption upgrading under the existing C2C and B2C models. In the future, there will be more and more “ Grounding gas ” The industry may be transformed by Alibaba

“ Remote industries ” Should be overturned

the success of Alibaba system starts with the transformation of the business model of remote industries. The so-called remote industries refer to those industries that are highly professional and difficult to measure by pricing standards. This kind of industry used to be through the tacit understanding of the industry in the region “ Hidden rules ” To set the price, it's “ The market is priceless, all by shouting &rdquo

the home decoration industry is a very typical remote industry, which is quite professional. Professional knowledge is basically not involved in other industries. In addition, the home decoration content and work of each house are different, so it is difficult to find a general pricing standard. The home decoration industry has three sub industries: interior decoration design industry, decoration material sales industry and decoration construction industry. These three industries are very difficult to price and measure their workload, and it is also difficult to assess their work quality in the short term

first, the design scheme is a purely technical labor achievement that cannot be priced. In the end, it is a set of drawings, or 2D or 3D. The determination of the result depends largely on subjectivity. Pricing basically follows the surrounding market, and there is no standard. Shout how high is how high, is willing to fight willing to suffer

second, decorative materials are produced by specialized manufacturers and then sold by professional sales merchants. How many middlemen can't be evaluated, and the additional costs of rent, transportation, maintenance, manpower and so on generated by sales are more difficult to determine. Therefore, in the sales process, the problem of disorderly price increase of products is serious, and the quality is uneven, and consumers have no way to know

third, the decoration and construction industry is composed of a number of people specializing in related work, and the work of workers under different divisions of labor, such as bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc., is unique in professionalism. Non professionals cannot know the evaluation method of unit time labor results and labor hours. And precisely these workers are mostly charged according to their working hours. In this case, under the same construction results, the labor time is often evaluated unilaterally by the construction party, and the problem of over evaluation and price increase is difficult to solve. The process of evaluating the construction results by consumers is also long, which is often seen several years after home decoration

it is precisely because labor prices are difficult to assess, consumers cannot accurately assess, and industry hidden rules and other reasons that the home decoration industry can be regarded as one of the industries with the highest added value and virtual high value, and it is a truly remote industry

to some extent, the e-commerce platform is the only hope to break this tradition, because only on the e-commerce platform can it break the time difference and space difference, integrate information and transactions, open up channels in a direct way, and finally eliminate many middlemen from the industry, and the regional difference is also completely broken. In addition, the e-commerce industry is the only sales platform that can quantitatively compare products and services, and the excellent receipt ability is also the most convenient way to compare inquiries. In a comprehensive view, the e-commerce industry is the only choice to change the home decoration industry. Under this choice, of course, Alibaba has the most advantage

Alibaba, which has always paid close attention to the pain points of the industry,

Alibaba started from the B2B wholesale industry and successfully crossed over to the retail industry during this period. Its biggest advantage is the most transparent and straightforward industry competition mechanism. Under this transparent ecosystem of competition mechanism, similar products of all businesses are integrated and compared, which will form a relatively stable market ecological structure &mdash& mdash; Falsely high prices will be quickly eliminated

now, this mechanism will be successfully introduced into the home decoration industry for a period of time in the future. At least in the aspect of material consumption, the problem that consumers know their goods but do not know their price can be well solved

not only in terms of materials. Alibaba also has the ability to expand the platform attribute to employment. After entering Alibaba platform, regional employment groups can also package services into products for comparative sales, such as carpenter's daily wage level, carpenter's daily workload, carpenter's regular work results and working time evaluation. As long as the comparison is intuitive, even if non professional consumers do not know the depth of their industry, they can roughly estimate the general situation

further, Alibaba is not only good at integrating industries, but also good at integrating chains

in fact, integrating the chain does not only include integrating different chains together, but also a more profound way to split the originally integrated chain. For example, at this stage, there are many websites that upload housing data such as area or pictures for decoration price evaluation on the Internet. Although the data given by such websites may not be authoritative relatively, this authority is what Alibaba can do. If Alibaba can really split the price evaluation, purchase channels and construction services through its strong industry integration and service capabilities, then the home decoration industry ecosystem will naturally form

from the perspective of Alibaba's transformation of the decoration industry through jucost-effective platform, its transformation of other similar industries may be just around the corner

what are the possibilities of home decoration in Alibaba

deriving from an industrial link to the upstream, downstream and surrounding areas is also one of Alibaba's best methods, such as Alipay after Taobao, and yu'e Bao after Alipay. If the special industry of home decoration can enter Alibaba's platform, Alibaba is likely to adopt a similar approach. In this way, many industries that are not prosperous and completely new will usher in spring

for example, the logistics industry has always been one of Alibaba's areas of integration. Alibaba supports half of China's logistics industry. In fact, this sentence is not accurate, because Alibaba mainly supports the express industry, and the real logistics industry is not Alibaba. However, if the home decoration industry has formed an industry scale in Alibaba, then according to the transportation added value of the home decoration industry at this stage, the national home decoration market will become a whole, completely bid farewell to the serious problem of regionalized price segmentation in the previous home decoration market. Home decoration consumers can directly form a channel with manufacturers or senior agents in the upstream of the industrial chain, and personal home decoration traffic will explode. The whole logistics industry may enter a spring

another example is the penetration into the field of decoration construction. Due to the lack of industry norms and the opaque competition in the industry, the decoration industry at this stage can only be regarded as a “ Semi industry ”. The professional service ability of employees in the decoration industry is lack of supervision

if Alibaba brings the home decoration market into an era of transparency through its senior integration capabilities, the industry veil will be lifted. Reference channels between consumers will also be opened up. Many similar industries that need to be transformed may be gradually transformed by Alibaba in this way

if you dare to imagine, in the reality that it is difficult to buy a house and the decoration is also not simple, home decoration is a very high consumption, and the capital investment is centralized, because home decoration work is usually centralized construction, which will lead to the demand for financial services of home decoration. While transforming the decoration industry, Alibaba can also promote the development of the home decoration financial industry with its existing resources and services

on the whole, Alibaba's renovation of the decoration industry can be seen as another Yang Mou after Alibaba's renovation of many industries, which also opened the door for Alibaba to transform various “ Hard bone ” In the future, the smart home industry, wedding industry, elderly care industry, medical and health industry, etc. are likely to become the object of Alibaba's transformation. Obviously, this transformation has gone beyond the traditional e-commerce online shopping and is the beginning of Alibaba's deep penetration into the field of Internet + smart life

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