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Details to pay attention to when choosing sanitary ware

details to pay attention to when choosing sanitary ware:

now people pay more and more attention to the decorative design of the bathroom, and pursue the beauty, comfort, personalization and upscale of the bathroom, which has become a fashion. It not only provides a comfortable sanitary shower environment for daily life, but also can increase the color of life and the enjoyment of art, and bring users into a carefree realm. As the main body of the toilet, the shape and integrity of sanitary ware play a very important role in interior decoration

pay attention to the following points when choosing sanitary ware:

1 The color of the four major parts of the sanitary ware, such as the face washer, toilet, bathtub or women's washer, must be consistent, and its grade should be coordinated with the color and luster of the floor tiles and wall tiles in the bathroom. Generally, the color and luster of the sanitary ware in the bathroom is similar to or shallow than that of the floor tiles. The basin faucet and the bathtub triple faucet should choose the same brand, and the same style will be more harmonious. It is better to choose ceramic core with single handle for water nozzle. Because the faucet of ceramic valve core is more durable than that of rubber core and does not leak

2. Before choosing the toilet, make sure whether the reserved drainage outlet in the toilet is under drainage or horizontal drainage. If it is drainage, measure the distance from the center of the drain to the wall, and then select a toilet with the same distance, otherwise it cannot be installed; In case of horizontal drainage, the height from the water outlet to the ground should be clarified, and the height of the toilet outlet and the reserved water outlet should be the same or slightly higher to ensure smooth drainage

3. When choosing a water-saving toilet, there is often a misunderstanding that the smaller the water tank, the more water it saves. Whether to save water depends on the size of the water tank. In fact, whether the toilet saves water does not completely depend on the size of the water tank, mainly on the design of toilet flushing and drainage system and water tank accessories. Some toilet cisterns are very small, but their flushing performance is very poor. They can't be flushed clean at one time, so they have to be flushed twice or three times. Some toilet cisterns are not small, but the water storage line of the cistern is very low, and the flushing performance is very good, which also saves water. Therefore, whether the toilet is water-saving or not can't just depend on the size of the water tank, nor can we just listen to the dealer's introduction. We should ask the dealer for the flushing volume of the toilet indicated in the product test report of the national technical supervision institution. At present, the flushing capacity of less than 6 liters in China is water-saving toilet, and the 4.5-liter water-saving toilet produced by "Yingtao" is the most water-saving toilet in China

4. How to distinguish the quality of sanitary ware ceramics? Generally, the glaze of high-quality sanitary ware is bright and clean, without shrinkage, color difference, pinhole and lack of glaze, and the sound made by knocking ceramics with hard objects is clear. Generally, the glaze of inferior products has more needle eye spots, bumps, cracks and lack of glaze, and the appearance is slightly deformed (the counter top basin is not flat on the counter top, and the toilet will shake left and right when placed on the ground, etc.), the trademark is vague, and the sound when knocking is dull, without crisp sound. When choosing sanitary ware, customers should also consider the elderly and children in the family. Bathtubs should be equipped with handrails and anti-skid measures to avoid personal accidents during bathing. In addition, customers should also consider their affordability in terms of price. They can find some experts to help them choose economical, beautiful and durable sanitary ware





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