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Yimeimen aluminum alloy doors and windows specializes in providing private customized production and services of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. The products include bridge broken casement windows, heavy sliding doors, folding doors, sunshine rooms, Pt doors, swing doors, aluminum wood series and other varieties

in 2018, IMED changed its brand promotion and investment promotion mode and did not appear at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, but this did not reduce the influence of IMED brand in the market. Compared with previous years, IMED increased its brand promotion in various forms such as we media, Internet, magazines, high-speed rail advertising, terminal activities, etc., plus excellent product quality, so that IMED's brand awareness Its reputation is higher than that of last year

the advertisement of yimeide in Huiya media ↓↓

yimeide won the dealer respected brand award ↓↓

the peak period for customers to visit yimeide is in the middle and first ten days of July. A large number of new and old customers visit yimeide, old customers renew their contracts, new customers join, and a scene of

popularity, laying a solid foundation for the performance of the second half of the year

a large number of dealers join in

now the sales network of imede in the country is no longer a spark, but has entered a prairie fire. The joining of a large number of dealers shows the unanimous recognition of imede doors and windows in the market

yimeide insists on creating excellent quality with German technology; Insist on full support for dealers, walk side by side with dealers to achieve a win-win situation; Adhere to multi

channel brand publicity and blossom in an all-round way; Adhere to the considerate service, provide customers with door and window products with good quality and reasonable price, and deliver a beautiful and comfortable home life for consumers nationwide

I wish yimeide doors and windows good news and constantly refresh its performance

● well deserved! Emmett won the "brand respected by dealers" and won the first place in the number of votes

● strong! On July 8, a large group of merchants gathered at the headquarters of imede doors and windows to sign a contract

● imede signed the Zhongshan project, and the owner paid a deposit of 100000 yuan

● ulantuya, the spokesman of imede doors and windows, and the fans of 100 tours of "four seasons of flowers"

● Palau, a small island country in the Pacific Ocean, was "captured" by imede doors and windows

● Indian businessmen organized a group to visit the doors and windows of imde

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