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Steel windows are newly developed, the fourth generation of new windows after wood windows, steel windows and aluminum alloy windows

interior decorative paint can be divided into wood paint and special effect paint, and wood paint can be divided into clear water, mixed water and semi mixed water according to the decorative effect

clear water refers to the grain and color of the wood itself that can still be seen after painting. This kind of products are suitable for high-grade and wood decorative floors, wooden doors, windows, furniture and other decorations with strong grain observability. After brushing, the paint film is smooth and full, and the appearance is crystal clear. Moreover, Linet series varnish is a single component product, which makes the construction simpler and easier

water mixed paint is generally referred to as color paint, that is, after painting, it will completely cover the color of the wood itself and only reflect the color of the color paint itself. These products are suitable for plywood or MDF doors, windows and furniture decoration. Their paint film is flexible and full, with thousands of colors to choose from, and fully meets the environmental requirements of indoor decoration

semi mixed water means that the texture of the wood itself is clearly visible and has the effect of coloring after painting. This kind of products is suitable for wooden doors, windows and furniture with clear grain and loose wood

another kind of special effect paint of interior decoration paint refers to the paint painted on a special surface, in a specific environment or with special requirements for decoration effect. For interior, the specific environment refers to the paint designed for the humid characteristics such as toilets




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