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In the wall fabric industry, the good and the bad are mixed, and the quality is mixed. In addition, China's unique "price war" has led to chaos in the wall fabric market. The low-quality and low-cost wall covering of more than ten yuan even appeared in the market, which seriously affected the stable development of the wall covering industry

where is the source of low-cost wall coverings? Why on earth did it lead to this situation? What problems will inferior low-cost wall coverings bring

when talking about the price of wall cloth, customers should first understand from the process that the price of printed wall cloth is the cheapest, and it is prone to quality problems and unstable physical properties. Generally used as engineering decoration occasions, most enterprises with a certain scale in Shaoxing have eliminated this product and paid attention to quality production and operation. Shiyun decoration has completely abandoned the printing series products. At present, the mainstream product of home decoration and tooling is jacquard wall cloth, with mature technology and stable quality. Therefore, customers should not compare the prices of products with different processes

(I) where is the source of low-cost wall coverings

sometimes you can see wall coverings of more than ten or twenty yuan in the market. Yes, more than ten yuan is cheap, but consumers don't realize why it is so cheap. The reason Xiaobian didn't dare to over analyze, but he probably guessed some. (1) It's a defective wall cloth from small manufacturers. There's nowhere to destroy it, so it's cheap. (2) Buying waste cloth from cloth factories at a low price and making wall cloth are low in price but harmful

(II) why did it lead to this situation

why does it cause chaos in the wall covering market? Xiaobian believes that it is mainly the "Chinese style" following psychology that is causing trouble. After discovering an emerging market, all manufacturers wanted to share, but after entering on a large scale, they found that the market share was not enough, and began a "price war" of malicious competition. Finally, if you want to win the price war and make profits, you must reduce the product quality. This led to chaos in the wall fabric market

(III) what problems will inferior and low-cost wall coverings bring

1. Inferior chemical fiber fabric

seamless wall cloth itself is a kind of textile. The wall cloth made of inferior chemical fiber material can be felt on the touch: hard, smooth and plastic. This kind of low-grade wall fabric product has weak permeability and insufficient fastness, which will deform and mold inside with the passage of time

2. The dye exceeds the standard

seamless wall cloth, as a wall decoration material, has rich color design. In order to make low-grade wall coverings have bright colors and color fastness, some poor manufacturers will use a large number of color fixing materials, which contain high formaldehyde, which is detrimental to environmental protection. And no matter how much fixing material is used, the color will fade

3. Inferior viscose

seamless wall cloth needs strong and stable viscose to be pasted on the wall. For the sake of cost, low-cost wall coverings will choose glue made of chemical materials. This kind of glue is basically "three no products". Most consumers only pay attention to the price of wall coverings, but ignore important auxiliary materials such as glue and base film

4. Product quality and performance

the reason why seamless wall coverings are popular quickly is nothing more than three magic weapons: good environmental protection, many options and strong housekeeping. However, low-quality and low-cost wall coverings abandon the characteristics of wall coverings for low prices. The original three prevention properties have become illusory. The volatilization of a variety of harmful substances and the harm of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene are well known

5. Disappearing after-sales service

the development of manufacturers requires high-quality products and good user reputation. The low-cost and low-quality seamless wallcovering is just a means to meet the current selling points of Wallcovering, such as "seamless", "durable" and "cheap", to enter when there is a market and withdraw after the market gets worse. There is no after-sales concept at all. When users find problems, businesses have already made money and disappeared

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