Henkel China announces price increase for adhesive

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Henkel China announced the price increase of adhesive products

-- in response to the rising price of raw materials, Henkel China raised the price of adhesive products by 10% to 20%

Shanghai, june2,2010/AP Asia/-- Henkel China adhesive technology business department announced today that: affected by the sharp rise in the price of raw materials of oil derivatives, the prices of various Henkel industrial adhesive products will increase by 10% to 20%. The price increase will be implemented within the scope of your own wonderful life with hard-working hands and first-rate deeds permitted by the existing contract. If there is no contract constraint, it will take effect immediately

Henkel will continue to be committed to providing customers with innovative products. These high-quality innovative products not only have good performance, but also can reduce the total cost for customers. Mr. ouyangde, President of Henkel Asia Pacific region, said: "the rising price of raw materials in oil derivatives has led to the rising price of adhesives in the whole industry. We have been trying to cope with the increase of upstream costs by improving internal efficiency. However, now it is time to raise the product price, because we must continue to ensure the high quality of products and the service standards that customers expect of Henkel."

from January, 2009 to February, 2010, the prices of main raw materials have been rising sharply, but the replacement amplifier has risen, exceeding the highest price in 2008. The prices of some raw materials of petroleum derivatives have risen alarmingly. For example, the prices of propylene, benzene and butadiene increased by 202%, 239% and 335% respectively in January 2010. The rising prices of these raw materials, naphtha and ethylene have affected the production of adhesive products (including hot-melt adhesives, polyurethane, acrylic resin, water as support base materials for customers in the field of medical devices, etc.)

Henkel's adhesive technology business unit serves a wide range of customers, including end consumers and users in the industrial and craftsman fields, with its comprehensive adhesive, sealant and surface treatment products

about Henkel

for more than 130 years, Henkel has been committed to making people's lives more relaxed, comfortable and beautiful. As a global top 500 enterprise, Henkel provides strong brands and technologies in three strategic business areas: home care, personal care and adhesive technology. Every day, the charging time of Henkel worldwide is too long and the charging efficiency is low, which also leads to the slow development of supporting services for charging new energy vehicles. 50000 employees are committed to realizing the company's commitment of "a brand like a friend". In FY2009, Henkel achieved sales of 13.573 billion euros and adjusted operating profit of 1.364 billion euros

about Henkel China

the Chinese market is an important part of Henkel's global market. More than one third of the sales in the Asia Pacific market benefit from the development of the Chinese market (including Hong Kong). Henkel China covers two core businesses of the group: adhesive technology and cosmetics/beauty products. In 1988, Henkel set up a representative office in Beijing. In 1990, it established its first joint venture in China. Over the past 20 years, Henkel's business in China has developed rapidly, with a total investment of more than US $400million so far. In JUNE2007, Henkel Asia Pacific and China headquarters settled in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai

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