Henan Province organized 4.1 million agricultural

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Henan Province organized 4.1 million agricultural machines to prepare for the "three summers"

Henan Province organized 4.1 million agricultural machines to prepare for the "three summers"

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on May 15, it was learned from the 2017 provincial "three summers" production work teleconference that during the "three summers" period, Henan Province will organize 4.1 million agricultural machines to be put into the production of gb/t228 ⑵ 010 metal materials room temperature tensile test method, including about 180000 combine harvesters, 2.9 million tractors and transport machinery, 1million sowing and other machinery. Ensure that the yield of wheat machine is stable at about 98% of Timken block, and the rate of corn machine sowing is more than 92%

Ling Zhongnan, director of the Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery, stressed that it is an important task and glorious mission for the provincial agricultural machinery or the departments that discharge the agricultural machinery into the environment without treatment and recycling after the completion of the synthesis to organize the "three summers" agricultural mechanization production, seize the agricultural time, harvest and protect autumn seeds. All localities should, on the premise of the completion of the rush to harvest and seed, do a good job in the mechanized return of wheat straw to the field, picking up and bundling, and promote the no tillage mechanical sowing of corn; In accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government for "four excellence and four modernizations", the peanut mechanized planting bases in Zhenhai, Shanghai and Nanjing are paying close attention to the preliminary work planting and strengthening the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy based on the principle of tapping the potential of existing devices, facilities and connotation to the greatest extent; We will provide assistance to local Military Martyrs' families and poor households, advocate priority services and reduce operating fees, and make contributions to poverty alleviation in the province

it is understood that during the "three summer" period, local agricultural machinery departments will also conduct a thorough investigation on the wheat planting area, harvest time and machinery ownership, provide farmers with comprehensive and accurate information services on wheat harvest operations, guide agricultural machinery operation teams to carry out operations in an orderly manner, and strive to improve the efficiency of mechanical operations; Urge all agricultural machinery manufacturers to publish maintenance services to the public, organize and carry out machinery maintenance services, and organize technicians to go deep into the grass-roots level and the field to carry out technical guidance services; All localities should pay close attention to contacting the combine harvesters operating out of the province, and return to the "three summer" production in due time; Implement the policy of free access to combine harvester roads, and open up a cross regional green channel for machine harvesting; Sinopec Henan Branch has set up 1000 "Sanxia" special oil supply stations for agricultural machinery in the province, and implemented a price preference of no less than 0.3 yuan per liter. For the area with large wheat harvest area and concentrated operation machinery, organize to send oil to the field; Continue to open free SMS service, timely release the weather forecast and market information of "three summers", dynamically track the progress of wheat harvest, and timely carry out rush collection and planting; Prevent the interception and snatching of machinery during the transfer of machinery and the occurrence of incidents; Vigorously promote straw returning technology to prevent straw burning and reduce environmental pollution; The drivers and operators of tractors, harvesters, seeders and other machinery participating in the "three summer" production will be trained in traffic regulations, safety and fire prevention, so as to prevent agricultural machinery accidents

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