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CAT ® (Carter) the transportation volume of driverless mining trucks reaches 1billion tons

CAT ® (Carter) the transportation volume of driverless mining trucks reaches 1billion tons

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you are right. The materials transferred by cat driverless mining trucks have reached 1billion tons

1 billion tons, what is the concept? Equivalent to the weight of 125million adult elephants! How can cat driverless mining trucks achieve such "heavy" material transfer? Let's start with the cat minestartm system

cat minestartm, real star

as an important part of Caterpillar's intelligent mining technology, cat minestartm (mine star) system helps customers manage everything from material tracking to fleet, equipment health and unmanned driving through five intelligent modules: fleet, terrain, detection, health and command. Through the use of sensors, on-board lidar and radar systems and other technologies, cat driverless mining trucks have achieved all-weather driverless driving in mines around the world, and the safe transfer of materials for customers has reached 1billion tons

cat minestartm system

caterpillar deployed the first 6 commercial driverless trucks in 2013, and now there are more than 150, helping nearly 10 mining companies transport iron ore, copper and oil sands

with the automatic transportation system, there is no need to worry about "injury stop"

Sean McGinnis, product manager of caterpillar technology research and Development Co., Ltd., said: "the automatic transportation system (cat command for hauling) of cat minestartm (mine star) Proven value to mining customers. This is reflected in the speed at which caterpillar's driverless fleet achieves a transportation volume of 1billion tons. The improvement of truck production efficiency and utilization, stable operation and cost reduction have brought great benefits to mining companies. Their fleet has grown rapidly and their output has continued to increase. "

cat command for hauling (cat command for hauling)

1 billion tons of transportation volume, how many kilometers does it take for a cat driverless truck to travel? The answer is: nearly 35million kilometers. Thanks to the cat automatic transportation system, the truck operation is no longer wrong, and the demand for mine workers is greatly reduced, so there is no need to worry about the shutdown caused by injury accidents

the cat command for hauling started more than 20 years ago.

the development of cat driverless mining trucks began more than 20 years ago. In 1996, caterpillar launched the first driverless mining truck in minexpo for the first time

michael, chief engineer of cat minestartm (mine star), entered the field of 3C lithium-ion battery, Murphy said: "caterpillar has used GPS guidance technology for a long time, and we have achieved success in many applications. At that time, caterpillar focused on developing automated building blocks. These technologies are now the core capabilities of minestar? And can help operators realize remote, semi autonomous and autonomous machine operations."

cat driverless mining truck

efforts are still under way...

at present, cat driverless trucks are operating in Australia, South America and North America. In Australia, a team of 70 cat driverless vehicles also includes bio based composites based on polylactic acid materials; It can not only reduce the cost, but also improve the production efficiency by 30%. After the process improvement, the production efficiency may be further improved

cat driverless mining trucks

today, the cat driverless fleet is mainly composed of cat 793f trucks, with a load capacity of 227 tons. The range of truck models is also expanding. Caterpillar has developed and is deploying driverless cat 797f (363 ton payload) and cat 789d (181 ton payload) trucks

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