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On December 21, the annual conference of Chinese institutional investors and the 12th golden cicada award ceremony with the theme of financial industry 2019: breakthrough and return were held in Beijing. This annual conference was co sponsored by the China times, shuipi Zatan, sina finance V channel and investment and education China. It was mentioned by Zang Hongnian, vice president of technology of Beijing Hengchang Litong Investment Management Co., Ltd, Artificial intelligence and big data led the fourth industrial revolution, which has a greater impact on human society than the previous three combined. In this context, Hengchang also follows the trend of financial technology, goes deep into the field of artificial intelligence, and gradually builds a solid scientific and technological foundation for the development of Hengchang

the core strategy of Hengchang is "one heart, two wings" and "one heart, micro credit"; The two wings are wealth management and insurance protection. In fact, the development of microfinance business will encounter two challenges. First, microfinance is to lend money to strangers. It is necessary to fully evaluate the credit level of borrowers; At the same time, Hengchang microfinance involves a large amount of loan data, which requires technological innovation to process the huge data volume. 4 The spring changes the serious oil leakage system of the oil pressure system of the experimental machine

in order to promote the sustainable development of the platform, Hengchang, with the seven artificial intelligence technologies of deep learning, big data, cloud computing, face recognition, voiceprint recognition, large-scale credit knowledge map and intelligent customer service as the link, and with the mission of connecting users and a variety of financial projects, has made efforts to build a comprehensive, multi-level and diversified financial service system to make financial services more high-quality, convenient and reliable

for example, at present, the knowledge map is widely used in the financial, medical, e-commerce and other industries. In the financial industry, the anti fraud of tensile strength and deformation rate, breaking force and deformation rate, heat sealing strength, tear strength, shear strength, 180 ° peel (including T-type), 90 ° peel through knowledge map is an important application. First of all, the experimental performance of the knowledge map meets the requirements of ASTM standard B611 (15) method. The advantage is that new data sources can be added very easily. Secondly, the knowledge map itself is used to represent relationships. This intuitive representation method can help Hengchang more effectively analyze the potential risks in complex relationships. Like a golden eye, let the enterprise recognize the truth at a glance. The relationship between people is very complex. The knowledge map is to connect these complex relationships in the form of a map, Zang Hongnian said

it is understood that Hengchang has also established a fintech research institute focusing on cutting-edge and innovative technology research. Hengchang applied the research results of knowledge atlas technology to the practice of risk control, and connected all data sources related to the borrower. The first choice of the whole load 5kn (1) 000kn and low frequency 0 (1) 0Hz was synthesized into a structured knowledge that can be understood by a machine. On the basis of full authorization, it not only integrates the basic information of the borrower, but also integrates the consumption records, behavior records and browsing records of the borrower into the entire knowledge map for analysis and prediction

in the big data system, the original data stored is too large and complex to be used directly. Hengchang needs to extract information and knowledge from the original data. The extracted information and knowledge can be effectively used by the business system. Therefore, on top of the original data, we have established a diversion layer to conduct unified analysis and processing of the original data. This diversion layer can be a knowledge learning platform, a natural language processing platform and other big data analysis tools. The information produced by the streaming layer can be easily applied to the business, thus reducing the threshold for the use of big data and artificial intelligence, and allowing the business to enjoy the convenience of high and new technology

artificial intelligence is changing the social division of labor. In fact, in some repetitive labor links, artificial intelligence is gradually replacing people's work, and it will do very well, such as the collection link, Zang Hongnian mentioned. In terms of voiceprint recognition, Zang Hongnian said that in the field of anti fraud, if a black property intermediary makes loans for many times, when he makes a second call, we will know his interaction with our system

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