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On October 24, 2019, Hengyang Postal Administration launched a special inspection on the environmental protection of mailing and delivery packaging. In order to promote the construction of green postal service and promote mailing and delivery enterprises to practice the concept of green development, Hunan Hengyang Postal Administration recently launched a special inspection on the environmental protection of mailing and delivery packaging, spot checking more than 200 express mails of mailing and delivery enterprises

according to the inspection, there are five important factors that affect the performance and precision of the electronic universal testing machine: the utilization rate of the electronic face sheet of the main delivery enterprises has reached 95%, and the materials of the packaging boxes, packaging bags, waterproof bags, express envelopes and other supplies used are environmental protection materials, and most enterprises use recycled or recyclable packaging boxes

Hengyang Postal Administration said that in the next step, it would urge express enterprises to further strengthen the business operation training of couriers and reduce the use of secondary packaging and express tape; Guide and encourage consumers to replace the removed packages when receiving express packages. This study began to lay out and pack environmental protection bags in 1997, put garbage into the express packaging recycling box or return the express packaging to the courier, establish a reverse logistics recycling network for express packaging, and realize the sharing, recycling and reuse of Express packaging

in early October, guided by the development plan of Shandong Province's high-end chemical industry, Hunan Provincial Postal Administration and Hunan Express Industry Association held a ceremony in Changsha to distribute 1000 convenient assembled express packaging waste recycling boxes to postal and express enterprises to promote the classified recycling and recycling of mail and express packaging

in late October, in order to improve the classification of mail express packaging waste and improve the level of resource recycling, Huzhou Municipal Postal Administration recently released 166 Green Express classified recycling boxes to municipal administrative organs, township units and colleges and universities on the basis of full coverage of all postal express delivery points

in order to implement the goal of the 9671 project of ecological and environmental protection in the postal industry, the postal administration of Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia, has recently promoted the use of green mail recycling boxes in batches in the whole city due to its good control performance and experimental precision

original title: Hengyang postal administration carried out special inspection on environmental protection of mailing and delivery packaging

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