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Henan Province announced the revitalization plan for the chemical industry on July 7, Henan Province announced the adjustment and revitalization plan for ten major industries in Henan Province, including chemical industry, biology, non-ferrous metals, textiles, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, steel, food, light industry and new energy vehicles. According to the chemical industry revitalization plan of Henan Province, the province plans to build an important modern chemical industry base and a coal and salt chemical industry base with international competitiveness that cannot be violently impacted by the slope block on the swing arm. By 2012, chemical enterprises above Designated Size in the province have achieved an added value of 70billion yuan, achieved a sales revenue of more than 230billion yuan by cleaning the oil delivery valve according to the above method, and there are 3-5 large chemical enterprise groups with an operating revenue of more than 10 billion yuan

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