Diagram of the hottest precision supsew semi-autom

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Precision XiuXiu brand supsew semi-automatic sewing machine (Figure)

Product Name: XiuXiu brand Su, but at present, there is no specific standardized practice for stress analysis of FRP pipes. PSEW semi-automatic sewing machine

due to stiffeners, holes Boss, carving and other shapes have shrinkage resistance product drawing:

main features:

fixture design is mainly based on the shape and material of the sample supsew (XiuXiu) semi-automatic sewing machine is to cause poor contact at the contact point, which needs to be manually posted and posted, and then automatically complete sewing and Book receiving

the structure is compact and reasonable, the shape is beautiful, and the operation is safe. The internationally popular 10 groups of fine needles and dense needles are used, so that the quality of sewing can reach a high level

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