Three men were caught stealing 200kg cables

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All three men were arrested for stealing 200 kg cables

all three men were arrested for stealing 200 kg cables

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original title: all three men were arrested for stealing 200 kg cables

Herald News (huanglibin correspondent xulihua Gao lingzhe Wen/Figure) recently, Huli police station successfully destroyed a gang of thieves who should process a testing rod and cable pin, and arrested suspect Zhang, Liu and Duan

On July 17, the police launched a surprise inspection on the waste recycling store of Tangbian society, and found more than 200 kilograms of illegally purchased cable copper products in the store. Gan, the owner of the store, said that the cables were indeed sent to the store by three young men for sale on the evening of July 5, with a transaction of more than 6000 yuan. In the evening of July 19, the police arrested the above three men in the stolen construction site at the Pacific Plaza and 2. The buffer oil should be kept clean

the three men explained that they were doing chores at the same construction site in the lake. They found that there were many cables on the construction site and the security was not strict. The three hit it off and were ready to steal some money. On July 5, when it was dark, the three men acted separately, fully implementing the digital system accompanied by the range effect meter, enough to steal ten packages of cable copper products

Author: Huang Libin, Xu Lihua, Gao lingzhe

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