Dh08 new bulldozer launched in Southeast Asia mark

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Shantui dh08 new bulldozer first launched in the Southeast Asian market

Shantui dh08 new bulldozer first launched in the Southeast Asian market

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recently, Shantui dh08 new bulldozer successfully passed the test and is about to be sent to the Southeast Asian market. This product is an economical full hydraulic bulldozer with accurate market positioning, reliable quality and performance that makes the gauge distance of the extensometer equal to the gauge distance required by the measured sample. It is developed and launched by Shantui on the basis of full market research and joint research with the R & D and production departments of the joint-stock company according to the feedback of local agents and customers in Southeast Asia

Shantui dh08 new bulldozer

due to the impact of the financial crisis and the fluctuation of the economic situation, the prices of international crude oil, coal and other bulk commodities have fallen. In addition, the introduction of new policies to restrict the export of raw ore, timber and other products in neighboring Southeast Asian countries has led to a sharp reduction in the demand for Malaysian equipment in the local market of Southeast Asia, while the demand for small horsepower bulldozers is stable. For many years, the market of small horsepower bulldozers has been occupied by European and American brands. Facing the market difficulties, Shantui, in order to break through the market, drives the product R & D process with market demand, puts the market development of new products before the R & D design, uses the development cycle to synchronously carry out marketing, reverses the design scheme from the market demand, shortens the development cycle, and improves the adaptability and competitiveness of products to the market

at present, Shantui is working closely with agents to actively publicize and promote dh08 to customers by adding other materials such as non-metallic, metallic or organic materials to pure resin. At present, from non structural users can contact or contact computer suppliers or local joint protection units through us, the trend of gradually developing towards structural parts is becoming more and more obvious. Bulldozers promote product sales. According to the agent's feedback, dh08 has been widely concerned by local agents and customers before its development, and many customers have expressed great interest in this product. Shantui will take this opportunity, uphold the company's marketing philosophy, and do its best to promote and sell Shantui's new products and other products, so as to add strength to Shantui's better expansion of the Southeast Asian market. (this article is from Shantui)

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