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Dezhou Degong Machinery Co., Ltd. brought all its products to the 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition

Dezhou Degong Machinery Co., Ltd. brought all its products to the 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition

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on November 22, Dezhou Degong machinery Co., Ltd. brought all its products to the 2016 eighth Shanghai BMW exhibition, which lasted for 4 days

BMW zhande Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited a total of 7 products, including 4 cold regenerators, including: dgl600j hydraulic asphalt pavement cold regenerator; Dgl550n mechanical asphalt pavement cold recycling machine; Dgl600n mechanical asphalt pavement cold recycling machine; Dgl700n mechanical asphalt pavement cold recycling machine. 3 loaders, including: dg920n light loader; Dg956n loader; Dg965n loader

German construction machinery landed in BMW exhibition

the pavement maintenance process of the pavement cold recycling machine not only avoids the traditional construction of the open belly, but also realizes the reuse of waste resources and reduces environmental pollution. According to the calculation of the construction unit, the construction period can be reduced from two to three months to 15 days by using the road surface cold recycling machine, and the maximum cost can be saved by nearly 40%

Digong Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer in China to develop, produce and sell the first cold regeneration machine, filling the gap in the same industry in China. Up to now, it has provided more than 400 asphalt pavement cold recycling machines for domestic and foreign users, and its market share has always remained the first in China for 11 consecutive years. It has become the most reliable supplier of pavement cold recycling machines in China, and has the strength to compete with the world's top brands

the world's largest construction machinery exhibition, the most valuable industry event

it is the world's largest construction machinery exhibition. In the first half of 2016, the exhibition in Munich attracted more than 58 countries, 3423 exhibitors and about 580000 visitors from 200 countries

BMW Bauma Shanghai is an important extension of BMW Bauma Germany in China. The full name is China International Engineering machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo. It is said that the top-level feast of construction machinery that the aircraft friends must come to, and those who did not attend were embarrassed to say that they were mixed in this industry

Degong machinery landed at BMW exhibition

the operation method of industry personages at home and abroad is the same as that of gathering along the road to lead the industry trend

the exhibition scale of this exhibition is nearly 300000 square meters, bringing together more than 2900 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions to display the latest fist products, which is expected to attract 190000 professionals to visit and negotiate in today's society with booming economy

At the same time, there will be seven major national exhibition groups from Germany, Italy, Britain, Spain, South Korea, Turkey and the United States. This exhibition will present the development road of China's construction machinery, and there will be more innovative product trends starting from the Chinese market, which is worthy of attention and exploration. Baumachina2016 coincides with the continuous promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, and the next generation of construction machinery starting from China will now follow suit to the world

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