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Diagnosis and maintenance of external hardware operation faults of CNC machine tools

diagnosis and maintenance of external faults of CNC machine tools:

due to the increasing reliability of modern CNC system, the faults of CNC system itself are getting lower and lower, and most of the faults are caused by non system reasons. The external faults of the system mainly refer to the problems caused by the detection switch, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, electrical actuating components, mechanical devices, etc

NC equipment food packaging is a very important part of the packaging market. External faults can be divided into soft faults and hard faults caused by external hardware damage. Soft faults are caused by improper operation and adjustment. Such faults often occur in the early stage of equipment use or during the adjustment period of equipment users. For CNC system, another trouble prone place is servo unit. Because the movement of each axis is realized by the servo unit controlling the servo motor to drive the ball screw. The rotary encoder is used for speed feedback, and the grating ruler is used for position feedback. Generally, the driving module of rotary encoder and servo unit is prone to failure. There are also individual system chaos caused by power supply. Especially for those with calculated tensile test, it refers to the system of judging whether the bolt is qualified in the vertical state and storing data in the hard disk. For example, Siemens 840C in Germany

example 1: when a CNC lathe is just put into use, it must return to the reference point when the system is restarted after power failure. That is, when the axes are moved outside the non-interference area manually, the axes return to the reference point. Otherwise, a car crash may occur. Therefore, after processing every day, it is best to move the axis of the machine tool to a safe position. At this time, there will be no problem after operation or power failure

faults caused by external hardware operation are common faults in NC repair. Generally, it is caused by problems in the detection switch, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical actuator and mechanical device. Some of these faults can be found through the alarm information. For general CNC system, it has fault diagnosis function or information alarm. Maintenance personnel can use these information means to narrow the scope of diagnosis. Although some faults have alarm information display, it can not reflect the real cause of the fault. At this time, enterprises should be encouraged to use new materials to analyze and solve problems according to alarm information and fault phenomena

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