How to choose a good serial server

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How to choose a good serial server

as the automation industry slowly moves towards Ethernet control, connecting traditional serial port devices has become a not simple challenge A good serial server can turn challenges into easy work The following will introduce you how to choose a good serial server, so that you can reduce your work rather than increase your workload

friendly management interface

these numerous serial port devices may be scattered in different remote locations, so it is an important indicator to use a single interface to complete all settings, whether using Windows software, web or telnet. Core Huitong Jetport provides powerful management software to enable serial port devices located in different locations to use the group ip/setup wizard to achieve high efficiency and low latency in one step. In some traditional serial port transmission applications, 115.2kbps is enough. However, if you want to convert to Gigabit Ethernet communication, the serial port speed higher than 230.4kbps will be more guaranteed Core Huitong Jetport breaks through the industry serial port speed standard, with a serial port speed of 460.8kbps, a throughput of 45600byte/s, and a delay of less than 10ms, so that your application will not be interrupted

At present, the main electronic testing machine products of the factory include: LCD electronic tensile testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing alert

to manage more and more network devices, the use of SNMP tube software is becoming more and more popular A good serial server should support SNMP trap and email automatic alarm of abnormal events Core Huitong Jetport supports SNMP and trap/email alarm functions, greatly reducing the time of system exceptions

complete serial port setting

to connect a wide variety of serial port devices, a good serial port server should support a variety of advanced online settings or data packet settings. The core Huitong Jetport serial port server supports advanced settings, including serial port idle time limit, network disconnection limit, hint character packet and other advanced settings to meet different applications

jetport 5201 the 3D printer and software system developed by Imperial College London shows the potential for future development. It belongs to the Jetport product series of core Huitong, and has the following characteristics

· the world's highest serial communication rate: 460.8kbps

· Jetport commander windows tool can automatically identify the Jetport on the network, and set and monitor multiple jetports

· various serial port operation modes: virtual com, serial tunnel, TCP server, TCP client, UDP

· support 5 virtual com, TCP server, or TCP client connection a at the same time. Tension experiment: do tension experiment on various tension springs. Connect

· you can complete the setting through windows, web, telnet

· email, SNMP trap event alarm function

· virtual com driver for windows nt/2000/xp/2003 system

· TTY driver for Linux system

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at present, core Huitong has four main product lines: jetnet series tubular and non tubular redundant Ethernet server, jetcard multi serial port communication card, jetcon industrial serial port/Ethernet/optical fiber signal converter, and Jetport industrial rs-232/422/485 three in one serial port server. Xinhuitong takes providing high-quality products as its mission, and all products must pass different safety certification, such as EMI, EMC, EMS, UL, cul, etc. All products are provided with global five-year joint insurance

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