How to choose can bus industrial controller

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How to choose can bus industrial controller

hermann Automationstechnik is a company specializing in the production of customized automation equipment and industrial robots. It uses Janz 'candisplaybox-m12 panel system

industrial PC (IPC) with integrated can bus industrial network can help today's mechanical designers integrate the required hardware and software in the shortest development time to achieve better reliability and flexibility. This method has the convenience of maintenance and upgrading at the same time. At the same time, because the product manager insists on low production cost, the controller with high purchase cost is no longer a wise choice

with the increasing complexity of the project, the demand for the following functions is becoming more and more urgent: high-speed control, complex action control, special analog i/o module, rapid human machine interface (HMI) development, etc. The cost of industrial PC is usually much higher than that of civil PC, but once cheap products are used today, more expensive problems may be encountered in the future. From the initial investment, the cost of producing reliable and durable equipment is high, but in fact, the real expensive is the on-site service price, which is often several times the production cost. Compared with important overall technical considerations, this cheap off the shelf solution is really not worth mentioning

total cost of ownership

many equipment purchasers (and owners) are not very clear about the concepts of total cost of ownership (TCO) and procurement cost. TCO helps managers assess the direct and indirect costs associated with design decisions, so high initial costs can be compensated by reduced maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of the equipment. It turns out that higher initial costs almost always mean more reliable equipment

most engineers are familiar with the type selection of household PC (speed 5. The fixture itself has no fixed structure (for example, the metal wire can be clamped by winding, or two flat plates can be clamped, memory, i/o equipment, etc.). Industrial PC design needs to consider communication, remote access, operator interface (user keyboard and operator panel or touch screen display), as well as the possibility of future expansion, such as additional PCI slots, and other considerations. In addition to can bus, network connections can also include rs-232/-422/-485, IrDA, Bluetooth, USB2.0 (soon USB3.0), WiFi or other wireless connections. There are many display options available, such as multi display or touch screen

candisplaybox-m12 has a 12.1-inch SVGA LCD touch screen and two can bus interfaces. The vertical tensile testing machine is mostly used for the detection of plastic plates, pipes, plastic films, rubber, wires and cables and other materials.

it is used to access existing networks.

one of the first problems to consider is to select the most appropriate operating system software. Is Linux appropriate? Or does the system have to run multiple Microsoft Windows operating systems? Some projects require rapid response and cannot have a start-up time. 3S smart software solutions GmbH is an equipment manufacturer independent of IEC programming system. Its CoDeSys soft PLC runtime environment can simplify the access and display of peripheral devices. Industrial PC manufacturers should be proficient in such software packages

using Microsoft Windows CE operating system or Linux operating system can significantly reduce malicious attacks from viruses or trojans. The local operating system can be reduced to a "simplified version", which also reduces startup time. The PC can sometimes be inadvertently shut down or damaged by a power failure. Local area connection can help complete system management -- even the operating system kernel can be changed on another running system on the same local area

janz Ag can bus controller uses heat sink for heat dissipation, has fast access port, and is used for industrial communication

Industrial PC specification

when selecting industrial PC, the following problems should be considered:

pre install the required application software to simplify the product assembly process

100% routine and aging tests

reduce the replacement of parts. When replacement occurs, it is necessary to record sufficient traceable historical information to ensure data transparency and ensure that the replacement will not lead to changes in product operation and characteristics. (parts and design changes of commercial PCs are frequent, so the service life of products is calculated in months rather than years)

electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference/electrostatic discharge (emc/emi/esd) requirements. Industrial grade PC cannot interfere with other electronic devices in the equipment. He should be immune to radiation interference from other electronic control equipment and the environment. It should also be able to overcome the effects of electrostatic discharge and maintain operation. The specific standard requirements depend on where the equipment is sold. Equipment in the U.S. market must at least meet the requirements of the radiation standard FCC 47 CFR Part (Class A)

durability is achieved by removing moving parts, such as fans and hard disk drives, and replacing them with low-power designs and solid-state memories. These can reduce or eliminate the operation cost of the controller and increase the vibration tolerance. Low power design ensures reliable passive cooling

keyboard availability, customized to adapt to the world-wide Greek alphabet/number standard, with emergency brake switch

the shell that adapts to the environment. For industrial grade PCs installed outside the equipment, an enclosure with an IP65 degree of protection is necessary - even for keyboards. The equipment may have to work in extremely hot or cold conditions - generally, the working environment temperature of industrial controllers is ° C, the humidity is as high as 90%, and the altitude is as high as 3000 meters. Installation options require DIN rail components, remote, non-contact positioning or waterproof installation

when choosing an industrial PC supplier after fine processing, the following issues should be considered:

delivery period (including long-term supply) and reliability

reputation. A reputable industrial grade p2014 C manufacturer should participate in the product design process and be able to complete product customization to meet project applications, including product packaging

the design strength is strong, and its products have a wide range of input voltage and other hardware and software specifications, which can predict factors that customers do not consider

with "one-stop" service and technical support. (end)

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