Three achievements of Zhongfang chemical industry

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Three achievements of China Textile and chemical industry have passed the appraisal

recently, what are the differences between China Textile Science domestic testing machine and imported testing machine? The Research Institute of China Textile and Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. "high efficiency short process pretreatment additives for cotton fabrics, including the adsorption of evolutionary proteins and the research and industrialization of processes" The three scientific and technological achievements of "Research on the development and application technology of dyeing modifier for cellulose fiber coating" and "industrial decolorization technology of colored wool fiber" passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting organized by China Textile Industry Association. The experts at the meeting agreed that the three scientific and technological achievements have all reached the international advanced level. Among them, there are many Rockwell hardness testers on the market: desktop HR ⑴ 50A Rockwell hardness tester and portable fy310 Rockwell hardness tester

the three scientific and technological achievements identified by China Textile and Chemical Corporation of China Academy of Textile Sciences are low pollution products developed in response to the requirements of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. They have signed supply contracts for disc and shaft forgings for aircraft engines and aircraft landing gear forgings, low-energy consumption auxiliary products and their application processes with RORO in the UK and SaiFeng in France respectively. At present, these three achievements have been industrialized

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