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How to choose automatic profiled glass cutting machine

when we put it on the insulating glass production line or improve the production variety, we will choose automatic profiled glass cutting machine in the mixed long fiber products, but we should pay attention to the following points when buying:

I. cutting accuracy:

the general requirements for the construction industry are less than ± 0.5mm; However, it is required to be less than ± 0.01mm for automotive reflectors. At present, the cutting accuracy that can be provided by various machinery manufacturers is generally less than ± 0.2mm, but we can't just look at the introduction of the product manual. There should be a complete set of procedures for testing the cutting accuracy during the acceptance. It should be based on the fact that the accuracy of the actually cut product is actually better than the 6-gear expansion. We generally have more than a dozen test samples. Through the test, we can comprehensively master the flatness of the cutting platform and the synchronous control level of the control system. This fund will help to develop new types of packaging materials and plastic products

II. Cutting speed:

we can only talk about speed on the premise of meeting the cutting accuracy. Because the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether the maximum speed is achieved by eyes. We can use the software simulation function equipped with the servo driver of the cutting machine to check whether the motor speed reaches the maximum. When testing the cutting speed, do not use real cutting, and improve the acceleration and deceleration. Each axle can be tested separately or at the same time

III. automatic typesetting optimization function:

on the side of the cutting machine, considering the processing cost and the particularity of the type of work of breaking pieces, people with high academic qualifications are generally not arranged to do it, which requires that the operation of the cutting machine should be simple, easy to understand, and not too complex, otherwise it will cause the embarrassing situation of being unable to afford the machine. It is better to have the function of avoiding defects, because there are sometimes defective products in the domestic bottom glass. The graphics library of special-shaped cutting should be more and flexible, and the graphics made by CAD should also be able to participate in typesetting

IV. convenient maintenance:

i/o signals and mechanical sensors should not be equipped too much, and unnecessary switches and indicators should be as few as possible, because once a certain device on the machine fails, it will affect the use of the cutting machine. If there are fewer components, the failure probability is low, and there are fewer wiring, it is convenient to find faults and replace components. It is best to debug the status of each i/o signal on the screen. Maintenance cost is an important factor that must be considered when purchasing the machine

v. energy saving:

when the cutting size requirements can also be completed, choosing cutting opportunities that save energy will bring many benefits to enterprises. First, protect the environment and save energy; The second is to save the daily expenses of enterprises

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