How to choose carton packaging base paper

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How to choose carton packaging base paper

in recent years, with the disappearance of various barriers, the realization of the international market, and the increasing intensification and standardization of competition between industries and peers, enterprises have used their killer mace to reduce prices and seize the market in the battlefield without gunpowder smoke. This makes more and more domestic enterprises experience the importance of reducing costs to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, we will find that whether or not they are under the pressure of market price reduction, the world's top 500 enterprises all regard proactive and forward-looking cost reduction as the top priority of their daily operations. They are very clear that the operating results before the price reduction bring direct profits, and the operating results after the price reduction are directly transformed into the market competitiveness of the enterprise

the cost of industrial enterprises is mainly in the procurement of raw materials, which accounts for 50 ~ 70% of the product cost, which means that the procurement link is saved by 1%, and the enterprise profit will increase by 5 ~ 10%. This is the amplification effect of material cost reduction. Preheating 5 (1) scientific management of 0-minute activities before procurement experiments can significantly reduce procurement costs and improve the competitive position of products in the market. Therefore, improving the level of procurement management and the position of procurement in the company has become a secret weapon against competitors. Specialized procurement management has also become one of the core competencies of enterprises

base paper is the main raw material of carton packaging enterprises, and it is also the main part of the cost of purchasing cartons. Therefore, whether the methods and skills of carton factory in base paper procurement are appropriate or not is the key to directly affect the benefits of carton factory

as the saying goes, if you can't buy profits, you can't sell profits. This sentence is directly applicable to business. What you pay attention to is the import-export price difference. You should be able to buy: this also applies to production-oriented business enterprises. If the materials purchased by the production enterprises are of low quality and high price, resulting in high production costs, the enterprises also have no benefits. Especially in the carton industry, 70-80% of the cost of cartons is in base paper. At present, the development momentum of the carton industry is extremely rapid, the market competition is extremely fierce, and the price war can be seen everywhere. According to the relevant data analysis report, the domestic carton production has appeared surplus at present. Three years ago, the Pearl River Delta region developed too fast and the competition was extremely fierce: in the past two years, the price war in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has reached white hot. In Changzhou, Jiangsu Province alone, there were about 30 production lines in 2002, and more than 30 more in 2003. Even though the development of light industry in Changzhou is relatively strong, through talking with the operators of carton factories, they all complain that the operating efficiency is far lower than before. Due to mutual bidding, the profit is very meager. Cardboard production and subsequent process processing have been subdivided into two industries. In addition, there are Taiwan funded and joint ventures in Suzhou, Kunshan, Shanghai and other regions. How to reduce costs has become the top priority of the carton industry, so the purchase of raw materials is increasingly important. Then, how can we do a good job in the purchase of base paper in the packaging factory in the process of fierce competition? Here are a few points to talk about this problem

first of all, market research should be done well to fully understand the market situation, development trends and trends of the supply market

there is a process of mutual comparison and mutual selection between enterprises and suppliers. Both sides have their bargaining advantages. If you have a full understanding and understanding of the supplier's industry, supplier's business strategy, operation mode, competitive advantage, stable long-term business situation, etc., you can help enterprises find opportunities and find a balance in mutually beneficial cooperation. At the same time, we should understand the variety, grade, structure of products in the sales market and the needs of users, and implement strategic procurement from a strategic perspective. The process of strategic procurement is not a simple negotiation between rivals, but a process of business negotiation. The purpose of negotiation is not to blindly compare prices and reduce prices, but a win-win communication based on a full understanding of the market and the long-term planning of the enterprise itself. In this process, we need to provide powerful facts and data information for negotiation through overall cost analysis, evaluation of third-party service providers, market research, etc., to help enterprises understand their bargaining advantages, so as to grasp the whole negotiation process and initiative. The advantage of strategic procurement lies in fully balancing the internal and external advantages of the enterprise, aiming at reducing the overall cost, covering the whole procurement process, and realizing the whole process management from demand description to payment

secondly, there should be a clear procurement plan

the purchasing department of the company should strengthen the communication and connection with the sales department and the warehouse management department. For the analysis of purchase demand, the most basic purchase plan should be formulated according to the development trend of sales business. At the same time, strengthen the necessary connection with the warehouse management department, distinguish the priorities of the required purchased materials according to the reasonable inventory, and formulate a clear procurement plan progress. For example, when purchasing base paper, we should take a comprehensive view of the overall situation of sales business development, the positioning of products, the quantity, the quality requirements of these products, and which are the key technical requirements. In order to meet these requirements, in the purchase of base paper, we should pay attention to the physical indicators and purchase amount of base paper, the definition of normal inventory limits, and so on

we should pay attention to the relationship with long-term suppliers and the cultivation of suppliers. In procurement, we should not only pay attention to negotiation, price comparison and price reduction, but also change from paying attention to negotiation to establishing strategic partnership. We should change from blindly reducing prices to establishing a win-win mechanism, and strengthen the cultivation of suppliers. Purchase is not a one-time transaction. Pay and deliver with one hand, pay for the goods and leave separately. This kind of procurement is very like wandering soldiers, which is difficult to become a regular army. The consequence is that the after-sales service is not guaranteed. Once a problem is found, it is difficult to find a contact person and deal with it. If the market fluctuates and the supply of goods is tight, there will be cases where you can't buy suitable materials with money. For example, in 1985 and 1995, there was a serious shortage in the paperboard purchasing market. Packaging plants in Guangdong, Fujian and other places flocked to the north in batches to buy with money. For a long time, the concept of win-win has rarely been used in procurement. More enterprise managers prefer single win, and they like that in the process of procurement, we are always the enemy and others are the fish. In fact, under the condition of market economy, blindly pursuing single win and only thinking about making yourself suitable, in the long run, it will not only damage your reputation, but also narrow the way to find partners. And win-win is a universal truth, which is also an indispensable factor in strategic procurement. Many enterprises with good development momentum and early start have generally established supplier evaluation and incentive mechanisms, and established win-win cooperation benchmarks through long-term and stable cooperation with suppliers, achieving very good results. Under modern economic conditions, one or two enterprises alone cannot take all in the market. We must focus on the mode of service, cooperation and win-win, support each other and grow together

third, the centralized procurement of group enterprises reflects the maximization of overall interests

it is a basic strategic procurement method to improve the bargaining power and reduce the unit procurement cost through the concentration of procurement volume. In some large enterprise groups, the full-time procurement department performs unified procurement, relying on the price and after-sales advantages brought by the huge procurement volume, which fully reflects the maximization of overall interests. However, with the growth of some groups, many subsidiaries began to organize procurement by themselves. In group companies that have implemented comprehensive business accounting, it is very common for subsidiaries to purchase by themselves instead of being satisfied with unified procurement. Some managers think that it is a good thing to restrict each other, but in fact, they have scattered the price and after-sales advantages brought by the purchase volume, ignoring the maximization of the overall interests. The essence under its appearance is the internal power struggle of the company. If the managers of enterprises do not strictly stop it at the beginning, the consequences will not only be the waste of resources and the increase of labor costs, but also have an adverse impact on the corporate culture. The former focuses on the lowest total cost of elements, while the latter focuses on the single lowest purchase price of elements. For example, the packaging of Master Kong, a national famous brand, adopts the method of group unified purchase and regional supply, which shows whether China's automobile industry can actively innovate, give full play to and show the advantages of group unified purchase and maximize the overall interests

moreover, enterprises must have effective tools and information platforms for procurement tracking, evaluation, analysis and scientific decision-making

what kind of procurement is in line with the interests of the enterprise, and how much the procurement price is reasonable. In the general environment of procurement shadow, how to implement effective supervision and inspection, and how to control in advance rather than make up for it, these problems perplex managers every day. The fundamental reason is that there is no effective tool to track, evaluate, analyze and make scientific decisions. For example, the packaging plants subordinate to Master Kong Group are scattered in seven or eight provinces and cities across the country, with a distance of several kilometers. Relying on the information platform of modern science and technology, the information of each branch can be mastered at any time, realizing the realm of good nano zinc oxide that can be used as insulating and heat conducting materials when planning strategies and winning thousands of miles away

finally, production growth is mainly driven by the unification of goods and services in Asia and Eastern Europe

when purchasing, fully consider the operation costs of future storage and transportation, product upgrading and other links, and strive to improve the unity of products and services and reduce the subsequent costs caused by differences. This is a kind of strategic procurement with higher technology content, which fully reflects the overall procurement optimization. The intangible costs caused by the differences of purchased products are often ignored by enterprises, which requires the strategic planning of enterprise decision-makers and the implementation consistency of the purchasing department

this strategic procurement is the development direction and inevitable trend of enterprise procurement. At the beginning of the enterprise, due to the restrictions of procurement volume and types, the advantages of strategic procurement are not obvious, but they will become increasingly obvious in the process of the enterprise's development to a higher level and a larger scale. Therefore, far sighted enterprises should start to build the strategic procurement framework in an organized way at the beginning

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