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Joled received 47 billion yen from four Japanese enterprises to prepare the OLED production system. According to Japanese media reports, by the end of June, joled, an OLED panel R & D manufacturer, had received a total of 47 billion yen from four Japanese enterprises

among them, auto parts giant, whose series of products meet the requirements of gb1040, gb13022, gb17200, gb16491, etc., Denso invested 30billion yen in joled, Toyota Tsusho invested 10billion yen, and Sumitomo chemical and semiconductor equipment manufacturer screen holdings also participated in the investment

it is reported that the funds obtained from the above capital increase will be used to invest in the production base in nengmei City, Ishikawa County, with the goal of preparing a production system that can resist the Korean plant with a high market share in the OLED market and the land plant that is expanding its investment in OLED. Moreover, joled is also negotiating with other enterprises on investment, with the ultimate goal of raising 100 billion yen (including the above 47 billion yen)

previously, joled announced that in order to mass produce OLED panels using printing technology (the liquid light-emitting material is accurately coated on the substrate like a printer), a joled nengmei Institute will be established in nengmei City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan on July 1, 2018

it is reported that joled nengmei will be located in the nengmei factory where JDI will stop production in December 2017. On June 29, joled will solidify in the oven through the back of the bench and the seat. Incj will purchase nengmei factory from JDI at a price of 20billion yen. If Joe does not need to use d, in addition to making full use of the existing equipment of nengmei factory, it will also build new plants and import production equipment, with the goal of mass production in 2020

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