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On July 15, 2016, in Shantou, China's "gateway to Lingdong, the hub of South China" --- Shantou, United truck and Shantou jiruixin Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., jointly hosted the "United truck Shantou regional product promotion conference". More than 100 transportation companies from Shantou, Chaozhou and other places participated in the promotion meeting. The general manager of United truck marketing company has the correction function of measurement value  for sensors whose linearity does not meet the requirements, Ding Chuanman, assistant of multi-point linear correction and regional manager of eastern Guangdong, Liu Bo, general manager of Shantou jiruixin Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., and Wang Youlong, assistant of general manager of CIMC Ruijiang marketing company and general manager of Fujian and Guangdong attended the promotion meeting. During the meeting, 10 340 HP 6*2 port tractors of combined trucks were delivered, 20 of which were also signed with Shantou Baishun container freight Co., Ltd. and a strategic cooperation agreement was reached with Shantou anshunda Logistics Co., Ltd. Shantou, as the earliest open special economic zone in the country, is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province, China, bordering on the South China Sea. It is located at the estuary of Hanjiang River, Rongjiang River and Lianjiang River. It is one of the six special economic zones in the country and an important port city in the south. It is not only the central city of eastern Guangdong, but also the commodity distribution center of eastern Guangdong, Southeast Jiangxi and southwest Fujian Protein plastic is also an important connecting point of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the economic belt on the West Bank of the Strait, and has the unique geographical advantages of the Asia Pacific geographical portal. Shantou port is close to the Western Pacific International golden waterway and less than 200 nautical miles away from Hong Kong and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The port transportation industry is very developed. The 10 6*2340 HP port transport vehicles delivered this time are also used for the container transportation business of Shantou port

at the beginning of the meeting, Liu Bo made an opening speech. He extended a warm welcome to all guests and customers who came to attend the promotion meeting, and introduced that United truck has a certain market share and popularity in Shantou region, and has been unanimously recognized by the majority of customers for its safe, reliable, comfortable, economic and other performance. Later, jiruixin team will bring better products and services to all customers

Ding Chuanman said that United truck is a truck that pursues safety, comfort, economy and intelligence. In terms of braking, United truck is the only heavy truck manufacturer in China that uses 10 par braking pressure, which has high braking efficiency and safer driving; In terms of comfort, taking the comfort of cars as the design guide of the combined truck, the assembled combined power engine has launched K10, K12 and K13 series engines against the standard Mercedes Benz engine, covering the horsepower range from 300 to 580. Subsequently, Fu Shaowen, deputy manager of union truck in East Guangdong, made a comprehensive introduction to the manufacturing process, supporting suppliers and the real experience of union truck customers, so that customers can have a deeper understanding of the performance and characteristics of union truck

with warm applause, the handover ceremony officially began. Ding Chuanman and Liu Bo jointly handed over the key to President Chen of Shantou HNA Shipping Co., Ltd. and fixed the oil cylinder and piston in the central hand of the base, and expressed their heartfelt thanks to Shantou HNA Shipping Co., Ltd. for its trust and support for United trucks. The 10 k106*2340 HP port tractors delivered this time are mainly used to pull containers, the cab adopts the V-series of combined trucks, the instrument panel adopts the internationally popular environmental protection method, the interior layout is reasonable, the diversified storage space is convenient for drivers and passengers to operate, and the weight of the whole vehicle is lighter and the economy is stronger

then, President Wu of Shantou Baishun container freight Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Liu Bo to purchase 20 combined trucks, and president Huang of Shantou anshunda Logistics Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Liu Bo, which pushed the whole promotion conference to a climax

on the same day, in addition to the 10 vehicles delivered, the 20 vehicles signed and anshunda Logistics Co., Ltd., which signed the cooperation agreement, a number of automobile transportation companies on the site reached an intention to purchase vehicles with Shantou jiruixin Sales Service Co., Ltd. We believe that with the excellent quality of United trucks, we will be able to win more customers' favor in Shantou area. (this article is from United truck)

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