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Our company has established a joint venture with Russia to build a wood processing plant

recently, a large-scale comprehensive wood processing plant has been built in the coastal border region to enhance social stability and harmony. The investors are Heilongjiang Suifenhe Longjiang Commercial Union Import and Export Co., Ltd. and a wood export company in Iman, Russia

Suifenhe Longjiang merchants thus created products that are easier to manufacture and pure injection molding. Sunbaoqing, head of Lianhe import and Export Co., Ltd., said that the total investment of the project is 13million yuan. Among them, 5million yuan is invested by Chinese enterprises in the form of providing equipment, and the remaining 8million yuan is invested by Russian companies in the form of providing land, plants and electricity

the factory covers an area of 15000 square meters, mainly seeking safer medical equipment materials to produce sawn timber, plywood (Zha wood, Manchurian ash), broad-leaved board and other building decoration materials, with a design annual processing capacity of 80000 cubic meters. Since the project was fully put into operation in 2003, it has achieved an average monthly output of 6000 cubic meters

the products produced by the factory are mainly sold to Chinese domestic enterprises. In addition, 1/10 of the products are directly exported from Russia to South Korea and Japan

in the area where Iman City, the coastal border region of Russia, is located, the forest Jinan gold testing universal testing machine is rich in resources, the raw materials required for sawn timber production are sufficient, and the quality of Jammu and Manchurian ash is better than that of China and other regions in the Far East of Russia

sunbaoqing said that investing in the construction of a wood processing plant here can reduce production costs and improve the economic benefits of enterprises by using raw materials with good geological conditions and low prices. At the same time, it also provides more employment opportunities for the Russian Far East and increases the financial revenue of the region

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