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Jotun Paint has won the national strategic collection bidding of many real estate groups

Shanghai, China, January 18, 2016 - Jotun, the world's leading paint and paint supplier, has made frequent achievements in recent days. After becoming the main paint supplier of China Merchants real estate projects, Jotun Paint has also won the strategic collection projects of China Resources Land, Fosun Group, Lianfa group, Huaxia happiness and many other national first-class real estate groups. Under the "new normal" of the economy, said Moco, the chief analyst of China real lithium research, Jotun continued to maintain steady development in the Chinese market

China Resources Land is one of the most powerful comprehensive real estate developers in mainland China. In the bidding process of more than 3 months, Jotun successfully defeated more than 10 competitors and finally won the real stone paint project of China Resources Land in Jiangsu Region - it will provide coating support for four of its seven cities in Jiangsu region: Suzhou, Xuzhou, Nantong and Yancheng. Due to its good performance in the early stage of the project, Jotun successfully won the textured sand wall villa project of China Resources Land in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Jotun made another effort at the end of 2015 to win the strategic acquisition of China Resources Land in Chengdu, and the total volume of four cities is expected to be 1.5 million square meters

Fosun real estate is the investment and management platform of Fosun Group in the real estate field. Jotun stood out in the fierce competition with 24 domestic and foreign brands, and became the only paint manufacturer that provided interior wall, exterior wall and floor products at the same time. It provided paint products for more than 7million square meters of interior wall and 4million square meters of exterior wall of Fosun Group's ten branches, including Fosun medicine, Fosun Group, Atlantis (Tourism and business group)

Lianfa group is a large real estate operator with real estate and property leasing as its core business. In the three months from the investigation of Jotun by MediaTek to the bidding, Jotun, relying on its comprehensive advantages in products, technology and services, successfully defeated seven well-known brands at home and abroad, won the bid with full votes, and became the partner of MediaTek group. At the signing ceremony, zhaoshenghua, general manager of MediaTek group, specially pointed out that the Jotun concept of "loyalty, care, respect and courage" is consistent with the values of MediaTek group, and he hopes to carry out more long-term cooperation with Jotun in more fields. At present, Jotun and MediaTek are cooperating in more than ten cities such as Xiamen, Wuhan, Chongqing and Tianjin

Huaxia Xingfu is a professional industrial park investment and operation enterprise group, developing all kinds of large parks, providing all kinds of industrial, logistics and commercial facilities, and improving the investment, production, business, government affairs and life supporting services of BYD and Ningde. Jotun has stood out in the fierce competition with 18 competitors for nearly a year, and joined hands with Huaxia Xingfu. In the next two years, Jotun will cooperate with Huaxia Xingfu in the supply of interior and exterior wall coatings in projects around the northeast, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta

"Jotun Paint has won national strategic acquisition projects from many well-known real estate companies, which means that our paint products have been widely recognized in the construction real estate industry," said Mr. Erik R. Aaberg, vice president of Jotun Northeast Asia. "Jotun's coating products used in the construction industry are efficient and environmentally friendly. Coupled with Jotun's excellent services, we have finally won the recognition of these top real estate companies. Jotun hopes to take this opportunity to open up China's real estate construction market more widely and cooperate with more well-known real estate companies. At the same time, we will not stop here. We will be firm in innovation and continue to bring creativity to the Chinese market, meet or even exceed market expectations Innovative products. It accounts for more than 1/3 of the materials used in the whole vehicle "

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