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Joint efforts of government and enterprises, the resumption of production of manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta, and the recovery of industrial chain still need to pass the barrier

manufacturing industry is the foundation of China's economy, and the Pearl River Delta occupies an important position in the global manufacturing industrial chain. How will the COVID-19 affect the industrial chain of the Pearl River Delta? What are the problems facing the resumption of work and production of enterprises? The economic information daily has interviewed in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and other places for several days. With the active efforts of the government and enterprises, the resumption rate of industrial enterprises has accelerated, especially the operating rate and on-the-job rate of technology intensive and highly intelligent enterprises. However, many labor-intensive enterprises and small, medium-sized and weak enterprises are still limited in starting work, and the recovery of the industrial chain still needs to cross several hurdles

each enterprise shows its magic power

one enterprise and one policy helps prevent and control and promote the resumption of work

Guangdong is a major manufacturing province. Compared with the service industry, industrial enterprises resume work faster as a whole. According to the statistics of Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and information technology, as of February 21, nearly 42000 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the province have resumed work, an increase of nearly 30000 over February 10, with a resumption rate of 82.2%

with good safety valves, enterprises are gradually restoring production capacity. Zhengyang Electronics Co., Ltd., a Taiwan funded enterprise in Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, is a leading global manufacturer of liquid level sensors, urea sensors and instruments for automobiles and yachts. Due to the heavy order task, it was originally planned to start work on January 30, but the commencement time was repeatedly postponed according to the government's requirements. By February 10, 2880 people resumed work, with a resumption rate of 70%. Zhengyang electronics took strict measures, requiring the workers back to the factory to fill in the health declaration form, and checked where the employees had been in the past 14 days through the telecom app. The enterprise has set up isolation rooms, and all employees who come back from Hubei or take a bus through Hubei are in isolation

it was seen at the scene that the production line of this enterprise was carried out in an orderly manner. In addition to wearing masks, taking temperature measurements, disinfection and other measures, the canteen implemented batch dining, isolated with self-made cardboard on the table, and each person had a quiet meal in a unit

enterprises report that the guidance of local governments on entering the factory is very important to help enterprises with excellent performance resume work. More than 100 food enterprises have gathered in Chashan Town, Dongguan, and many enterprises have started construction since February 10. Guangdong Xinmeng Food Co., Ltd. is a biscuit production enterprise with an annual sales volume of more than 600million yuan. Pan Jiejian, general manager, said that before the construction, he really had no idea about how to prevent the epidemic. Since January 30, Chashan town sent people to the enterprise to teach the enterprise how to prevent and control in detail, specifically to the reconstruction of the canteen. He also rented a rental house for isolation, and the town has also issued rent free and other practical policies to help the enterprise reduce its burden

according to the interview, the start-up enterprises are actively responding, and various local and foreign prevention and control measures have been launched. Some have built disinfection pools at the gate of the factory, some have specially developed spray disinfection channels for employees to enter and leave, some have developed apps to master employee dynamics with big data, some have adopted the length guarantee system to refine employee management, and some have even merged and acquired mask machine factories abroad. For the Pearl River Delta region, The focus of prevention and control is on grass-roots towns, streets and villages, because most enterprises are distributed at the township and village level. According to the interview, under the epidemic, all towns and villages in the Pearl River Delta have taken action, and various prevention and control measures have been put in place. Longjiang Town in Shunde District is a large industrial town, with more than 230000 new citizens. According to the local big data, there are 12000 new citizens of Hubei nationality in the town, and 9000 people return to their hometown for the Spring Festival. The 523 key personnel screened out have been timely taken preventive and control measures to achieve one enterprise, one policy, one person, one file, and help enterprises return to work in an orderly manner

anti epidemic enterprises get up early

technology intensive resumption rate is high

the survey found that under the impact of the epidemic, the more high-quality enterprises resume work, the better. At the same time, affected by enterprise form, industry prosperity and other factors, the epidemic has also further differentiated enterprises in the Pearl River Delta:

first, the production enterprises of epidemic prevention and control materials started early, covering a wide range of areas. The lamp produced by Valeo light (China) lamp Co., Ltd. is a basic part of the negative pressure ambulance. Luo Jingwei, the director of the company's Asia region, said that the factory applied for early commencement on February 5, the products were put into storage the next day, and delivered to the vehicle manufacturer on February 7. Zhengyang electronics also received an order for ambulance exhaust system during the Spring Festival and urgently put into overtime production

the interview found that due to the sound industrial chain in the Pearl River Delta, the material support of the epidemic covered a wide range, many of which were non-medical enterprises. Tu gaokun, director of the Department of industry and information technology of Guangdong Province, introduced that in addition to medical masks and protective clothing, Guangdong also included medical isolation masks, infrared thermometers, negative pressure ambulances, etc. into the management of key materials for epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the supply chain of these material production enterprises was also included in the scope of coordination and services, and enterprises in the supply chain were mobilized to actively resume production

second, high-tech enterprises are light, and labor-intensive enterprises are under greater pressure. Zhansheng group, a private enterprise located in Gaopo Town, has six factories in Gaopo Town, involving shoe factories, molds, sports equipment and other fields. From the perspective of resumption of work, the higher the technical content, the higher the resumption rate. For example, in a mold factory with 346 people, 240 people have resumed work by February 12, and 75 people have resumed work by February 17, 70% of the production capacity has been restored. The resumption rate of shoe factories with more than 4000 people is only 30%

Guangdong Xinglian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., a plastic bottle mold equipment manufacturer, is currently in the peak order season. Jiang Xiaoping, general manager of the company, said that due to the restrictions of personnel mobility, the pre-sales and after-sales services of products have a great impact. The company purchased installation and verification equipment, tested it before leaving the factory, and instructed customers to install it by themselves, so as to reduce the impact of the epidemic on products and services

in recent years, enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have accelerated the construction of automation and intelligence, and enterprises with early layout and early action have gained greater room for maneuver in this epidemic. Ouyang Xiaomin, head of human resources at the Foshan plant of qunchuang optoelectronics company, said that more than 7000 employees in the factory were reworking in batches, compared with 13000 employees in the factory a few years ago. If the previous scale is maintained, the risk of the enterprise will be greater

third, the resumption rate of foreign-funded enterprises and high-quality enterprises is high. It is observed that some enterprises with a high degree of export-oriented have a higher rate of resumption of work in this epidemic because of their daily control. Due to its high requirements for labor protection conditions, it is easier to connect with existing prevention and control measures. In addition, with strong global mobilization ability, masks and other prevention and control materials are also easier to obtain. As of February 23, 5791 foreign-funded enterprises in Dongguan have resumed work, and the resumption rate of large and medium-sized foreign-funded enterprises has reached 60%. Among them, the operating rate of the top 300 foreign-funded enterprises in import and export reached 91%

Nippon power (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., a Japanese funded enterprise located in Gaopo Town, produces low-energy, low-noise and small volume motors. The orders have been saturated until June this year. Due to the high production pressure, 30% of the employees of the enterprise work overtime during the Spring Festival. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the enterprise checked the employees' transportation and health at home through the self built applet app. For those who cannot return, it sent a notice and a letter of condolence to keep the employees at ease, Promise salary and position. As of February 12, 65% of the company's employees have returned to their posts

Valeo company is a French funded enterprise with 808 employees in Foshan branch. On February 13, 80% of the factory's personnel resumed work, and the production line was also opened to 80%. Pan Jiejian, general manager of Dongguan Xinmeng food company, said that because of foreign trade orders, buyers often supervise enterprises on environmental protection, labor protection, etc., and materials such as masks and disinfectants are required to have a month's inventory, which makes it easier for enterprises to connect prevention and control measures

enterprises are under heavy pressure

the recovery obstruction of the industrial chain needs to be solved

the survey shows that with the acceleration of the central and local resumption of work and production policies, enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are accelerating the resumption of production. However, due to the large number of manufacturing owners, especially the private small and medium-sized enterprises are facing greater operating pressure, the recovery of the industrial chain still faces several major problems

delayed resumption of work, limited production efficiency, and chain loss in the supply chain

Lei Huiming, an investigator of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that affected by the epidemic, the resumption time of enterprises was generally delayed, which caused certain pressure on some enterprises' export orders in the short term. From the current monitoring situation, orders fell by about 10% - 15%

liyuanfei, the chief financial officer of Dongguan Zhengyang Electronics Co., Ltd., said that the enterprise originally planned to start construction on January 30, but because of the epidemic, the start time of the enterprise was postponed twice, and the enterprise would lose 5million yuan of output value every day of delay

due to the difficulty of resuming work in a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, the restriction of personnel flow, and the disconnection between production and marketing, many enterprises have difficulties in material supply, parts and accessories, and later packaging and transportation. Although Optimus Prime enterprises can still maintain operation, the phenomenon of chain falling still exists in the industrial chain, which makes the normal production of enterprises very constrained

a number of costs have risen, causing great pressure on small and medium-sized enterprises

no orders are in a hurry, but orders are even more urgent. Pan Jiejian described it as a happy pain at this time. First, there was no one to do the work, and second, the boom and ring could not be transported out and connected with flexible ropes. The first manifestation of poor logistics is customs clearance. As usual, it can be loaded at 10 a.m. and delivered to Hong Kong customers at 2 p.m. now it takes three days to arrive. Secondly, express delivery costs have increased significantly. In addition to the 10% increase in transportation fees, traffic control policies are different across the country. For example, when delivering goods to a city in the East, it is now required that only local drivers and local license plates can be used. Carpooling is not allowed, and only whole vehicles can be delivered, which greatly increases the cost

the rise of labor costs also makes enterprises feel at a loss. In the recruitment plan announced by Nippon power (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. a year ago, the base salary of newly recruited employees was raised to 2200 yuan, but from the start of the project, tianbirong, head of the management department, said: now raising it to 2350 yuan may not be able to recruit people. Everyone is short of jobs, and robbing people is bound to cause abnormally high wages

orders are generally delayed, and there is a risk of order transfer

due to delayed start-up and insufficient production capacity, enterprises generally report delayed order delivery. Li Yuanfei said that the orders of enterprises are abundant, and now the production capacity cannot be increased due to the blocked return of employees. At present, it is through negotiation with customers to adjust the time and pace of delivery of the whole order to ensure the smoothness of metal materials. If the production capacity cannot be restored in March, unscrew the speed valve handle in a counterclockwise direction to supply oil and lift the piston away from the cylinder bottom, which may lead to the problem of customers transferring orders. Pan Jiejian said that enterprises are not afraid of losing money for oneortwo months because they are afraid of losing orders and the market

consumption demand decreases, and industrial chain transmission affects the manufacturing industry

affected by the epidemic, the demand for end consumption during the Spring Festival has decreased significantly. Some enterprises are also worried that although the epidemic situation is easing, the psychological impact of the epidemic on people will continue. The reduction of end consumption demand will gradually be transmitted upward along the industrial chain, resulting in a series of problems such as reduced orders, overstocked inventories, production reduction and shutdown. In the special survey on the impact of the epidemic on local private enterprises carried out by the Guangzhou social situation and public opinion research center, 21% and 20% of the surveyed enterprises said they would reduce their business and temporarily suspend business, respectively

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