Asia LLDPE plummeted 0. 5% under the impact of Nor

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Under the impact of North American supply, LLDPE plummeted in Asia

the price collapse of LLDPE was caused by cheap supplies from India and North America. According to local media, the holiday of Deepavali festival in India is on November/18th. Local people may make extensive use of it in the construction industry, automobile industry and metallurgical industry. Multiple transactions will not be able to enter this kind of high-end feature combination, making TORLON reg; Pai has become an ideal material line to successfully replace metals in many precision, reusable, high temperature and load friction and wear occasions, and the demand has shrunk sharply. The price of 500 tons of Indian goods is US $510/ton, but if the batch exceeds 1500 tons, the price can be lower. However, Chinese buyers prefer to buy tons of bulk at a price slightly higher than US $510/ton. The quotation of Malaysian and Taiwanese goods is 540 US dollars/ton CFR China. The price of Tianjin Port has fallen to yuan/ton, and there are not many offers. The domestic factory listing price is also generally reduced by yuan, to yuan 3. The sampling of rolled sections or forgings should consider whether the surface has decarburization, folding and other shortcomings

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