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The United heavy truck high lift and high hit service covers the product life cycle

the United heavy truck high lift and high hit service covers the product life cycle

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Guide: the flagship model u460 produced by the new army Jirui United Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in the heavy truck industry, as the last new product listed in the heavy truck market in 2010, drove off the production line on December 18 last year as scheduled. The listing activity is very grand. Dealers, service providers, refitting plants, financial institutions, suppliers from all over the country

the flagship model u460 produced by Jirui United Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., a new force in the heavy truck industry, as the last new product to be launched in the heavy truck market in 2010, drove off the production line as scheduled on December 18 last year. The launch event was grand. More than 1000 people from dealers, service providers, modification plants, financial institutions, suppliers, customer representatives, employee representatives and the media from all over the country witnessed the unforgettable moment of the shiny debut of the new car

the industry's attention to United trucks is far more than the u460 listing activity itself, which is still in an important strategic opportunity period of development. For a new enterprise that has just entered the heavy truck field, not only the products introduced to the market are brand-new, but almost all aspects of the enterprise's composition, operation mode, market positioning, marketing strategy, sales objectives and service commitments are new. Compared with several other new enterprises entering the heavy truck industry, United truck has too many differences. Taking the road of differentiated development is a recognized principle for heavy truck enterprises to participate in market competition. However, innovation will bring many market opportunities, but also face many risks. Will United truck become a "revolutionary" in the domestic heavy truck industry

products cover high, medium and low end

in terms of marketing strategy, United trucks did not follow the normal licensing. The price of the first product is as high as 688000 yuan, and the configuration includes a "world-class" cab, an engine that reaches the European advanced technology level, an AMT transmission, and a high torque axle. The frame is made of high-strength plates, and the girder is single-layer. The overall strength and stiffness reach the level of similar products of world-renowned enterprises. It is intended to fill the market gap between domestic heavy trucks and imported heavy trucks of 450000 ~ 700000 yuan. It is understood that u460 is not the most high-end model of United truck. The high-end K8 series heavy truck that United truck plans to launch, the Q7 heavy truck that many people think is incredible, and the lowest price strategic product J6 heavy truck, the price covers 180000 ~ 800000 yuan. In 2011, United truck will have 21 models on the market, covering the fields of traction, loading, engineering and special use

data company introduced that in terms of manufacturing process, the production line of combined truck frame adopts Stam roll line, the stamping line is full-automatic stamping by gudel robot, the welding line adopts KUKA robot, and the coating line adopts the water-based paint coating process of DURR company. From environmental protection standards to process level, they are close to passenger car enterprises, and some parts even exceed the equipment level of some domestic passenger car enterprises

in terms of product research and development, the United truck has put forward the integrated design concept, adopting the synchronous development mode of truck chassis and top loading, hoping to achieve the seamless connection between chassis and top loading and the best match of the whole vehicle. Avoid the random modification and damage to the chassis by the Refitting Factory during the entrusted refit, and ensure that the whole vehicle has a high degree of integrity. The import amount in October was US $1.566 million

services cover the whole life cycle of products

in addition to the comprehensive coverage of high, medium and low-end product positioning, United truck also dares to be the first in marketing and services. The enterprise got rid of the traditional marketing service mode and took the lead in bundling products and services together. The service content includes financial support and maintenance services

it is understood that United truck will establish an independent marketing service network system to provide users with 3-year and 5-year free financial loan support. The enterprise also launched a high-profile "integrated" service concept, planning to build 100 directly operated integrated service stations across the country, combine the maintenance service projects such as vehicle, top loading, engine, transmission, axle, etc., provide users with "30 months +300000 kilometers" quality assurance service, and will also launch an optional "36 months +360000 kilometers" service package covering the whole life cycle of the product. When going out for rescue, United truck introduced a time limited service commitment standard for going out service. If there is a service timeout, users will be compensated according to the situation. These service measures, both in terms of ideas and efforts, are unique in the industry

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