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Heli Yijie: how to fight the hard battle of customer service in the e-commerce industry when 618 attacks

during the epidemic, the optional consumer categories in online e-commerce transactions were significantly impacted, and user demand shifted from non essential consumption (3C, clothing, household appliances and other categories) to essential consumption (food and beverage, etc.), of which the demand compression of the former directly affected the absolute scale of online transactions. In June, the resumption of work wave across the country, the long backlog of non essential consumption desire, as well as various policies to stimulate consumption, superimposed on the upcoming national Carnival day 618 Shopping Festival, is expected to usher in a wave of blowout phenomenon in the business of the e-commerce industry, and the hard battle is about to start

challenges faced by the e-commerce industry

refined e-commerce services

the dynamic changes in the market are accelerating, multiple e-commerce channels are rising, further increasing sales pressure, enterprises are facing the pressure of continuous sales growth and expanding influence, while the difficulty of new brand incubation is also increasing. The e-commerce industry urgently needs refined e-commerce services to help it quickly adapt to emerging e-commerce channels

promote the service volume surge

618 e-commerce promote greatly, and the user flow is huge. The trading volume of e-commerce enterprises continues to create miracles, and the consulting volume, order volume and after-sales service volume are rising in a straight line. E-commerce enterprises need to be equipped with a huge customer service team, and have strict requirements for customer service personnel. They should stay on the computer all night, and always maintain a warm mood and a clear mind in order to ensure the order rate and customer satisfaction

user purchase conversion rate

e-commerce conversion rate, as an important indicator in e-commerce operation, is the display of e-commerce internal skill cultivation, which can be said to be the most concerned by tens of millions of sellers. Understand and analyze users, including users' regions, access channels, type characteristics, browsing records and behavior tracks. The more detailed the user information, the personalized marketing can be carried out, and the communication efficiency of customers accounting for 3.57%, 3.98% and 3.42% of the operating revenue in the same period can be improved, so as to finally improve the purchase conversion of customers

it is difficult to obtain customers and the cost is high.

on the way to capture traffic, the era of low-cost customer acquisition seems to have long ended. Customer acquisition cost is an important indicator to judge the growth and profit prospects of e-commerce enterprises. Especially after the demographic dividend of domestic Internet has been exhausted, e-commerce enterprises can no longer achieve performance growth simply by buying. From the perspective of customer acquisition cost, whether it is Alibaba, or vipshop, e-commerce enterprises have seen the rising cost of customer acquisition, which directly shows the difficulty of customer acquisition

win the service, the key point of competition and growth

the trend of large-scale collective shopping has promoted the progress of technology research and development. Cloud customer service system came into being and is widely used in the e-commerce industry. Since the beginning of the hundred regiments war, the double 11, o2o, 618 e-commerce industry in 2008, Yijie has signed contracts with JD mall, Suning Electric Appliance, Gome and other enterprises, opening a new model of customer service in the e-commerce industry. Nowadays, with the arrival of the new retail era of live broadcasting and shopping and community group shopping, heli Yijie has stood firm in the long-term test of practice, and has worked together with pinduoduo, xiaohongshu, love recycling and other enterprises to help e-commerce enterprises win the key point of service competition and growth

refined operation of customer service

the refinement of enterprise business processes is the leading driver of enterprise development. While saving human and material resources, refined processes can also improve work efficiency, realize digital operation and refined team management. Together, Yijie Intelligent Cloud customer service integrates all channels of customer service, unifies the workbench, aggregates customer information, order information, express information, and provides customers with a complete view of e-commerce business. Help enterprises expand their marketing management and service support capabilities, take customer inquiries as the main line, realize the service marketing process, such as carbon dioxide, help domestic instruments establish detection methods and standards, and fine management of emissions and safety issues

greatly improve the efficiency of customer service

the joint Yijie intelligent customer service robot is built based on intention prediction, multiple rounds of conversations, direct task delivery and problem solving. 7x24 hours of real-time, independent solution to common problems, gold medal service, customers can visit anytime and anywhere, and the robot automatically matches the knowledge question base to assist in answering, so as to achieve millisecond accurate reply. In the complex service mode, implement the principle of robot priority. Through three-dimensional guidance, realize manual busy hours, robot reception 0 delay, effectively solve 90% of repetitive business Q & A, and improve the problem-solving rate

accurate positioning and analysis of customer portraits

time promotion 18 Software and user interface: Chinese and English test use software E-commerce enterprises have come up with their own trump card, competing not only for the transaction volume, but also for the internalization of users through high-quality services. Heli Yijie Intelligent Cloud customer service system provides all-round intelligent auxiliary functions such as customer intention prediction, plan recommendation, business quick handling, etc. Customer service personnel can accurately locate the customer portrait, view the customer's basic information, source channels, browsing tracks, historical transaction information, etc., and provide all aspects of pre-sales and after-sales services to provide users with accessible customer service anytime and anywhere

proactive marketing services reach

the e-commerce industry has a wide range of customer service production scenarios and high costs. The customer service center is changing its role from a cost center to a profit center that takes into account marketing services. Use Heli Yijie intelligent outbound call robot to advance marketing services, and use the trigger outbound call to users to inform users of commodity information and related preferential information in advance, such as payment reminder, arrival reminder, preferential activities and other service reminders. And actively provide targeted point-to-point marketing services according to different user types and user problems

customer service is the link between e-commerce enterprises and customers. To improve service ability and service efficiency, we must do everything together and achieve results. At present, intelligent cloud customer service has become the mainstream application in the e-commerce industry. Heli Yijie cloud customer service has also witnessed every stage of the e-commerce industry from start-up to growth and then to glory. It is not a simple customer service software, but a service collection that focuses on the whole industry, providing a comprehensive cloud, knowledge, and melting customer service solution for the e-commerce industry, helping e-commerce enterprises seize the highland of service

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