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Aseptic filling technology of bottled draft beer (Part 2)

3.2.3 technical measures to prevent secondary pollution strictly control the sanitary conditions of the filling area, filling equipment and filling workshop, timely kill the harmful bacteria and bacterial sacs that may cause beer deterioration, and prevent the harm caused by secondary pollution, which is the key to aseptic filling of beer

in addition to a set of perfect management, detection and control measures for the production of pure draft beer, the relevant filling equipment must also have the function of filling pure draft beer and meet the requirements of filling process

as a manufacturer of sterile bottling equipment for bottled draft beer, we have specially designed and adopted a series of technical measures for the equipment with rich experience in terms of the conditions and processes of secondary pollution formation, as well as the areas and parts easy to be polluted. Its purpose is to kill harmful bacteria and bacterial sacs before harm, so as to prevent secondary pollution in the filling area, Ensure the microbial safety of aseptic filling use double end bottle washing machine

to fill draft beer. The bottles must be clean and sterile. In order to ensure the sanitary environment at the outlet of the bottle washer, the bottle washer adopts a double end structure. The box at the bottle end is made of stainless steel, with smooth inner wall and smooth corners. The box is equipped with a self-cleaning spray device, which can clean and sterilize the box itself. The spray system of the bottle washer adopts rotary spray, which can spray and flush the bottles from different angles. The cleaning effect is better than that of the reciprocating spray system. After soaking and cleaning, the bottle is sprayed with sterile water or sterile water, which has basically met the requirements of filling pure draft beer. In addition, placing the bottle end in the sanitary isolation area can greatly reduce the possibility of washed bottles being polluted by the environment again add a rotary automatic bottle washing machine

in order to eliminate the possible secondary pollution of bottles in the process of bottle conveying and bottle inspection, add an automatic bottle washing machine in front of the filling machine, and wash and sterilize the bottles with hot water again. The front chain channel of the machine is also equipped with a hot water tank, which can soak, clean and sterilize the bottle bottom and chain belt develop a new type of electric valve bottling and capping machine

bottling and capping machine is an important equipment in the national paper and paperboard production of 108.55 million tons in 2016 when Chunsheng introduced the insurance compensation mechanism beer bottling production line at this juncture. Its main technical feature is to ensure that the filling is carried out in a sterile state, so its structure is very different from the previous filling requirements in the air spring experiment of various models, and the degree of automation is higher. The bottle capping machine adopts an electric control filling valve. During the filling process, vacuum is pumped three times, during which the superheated steam is sprayed twice for final sterilization of the bottle, and the last time is filled with carbon dioxide as back pressure, which not only ensures the microbial safety of aseptic filling, but also meets the technical requirements of low oxygen increase in beer filling

it is an important function of the bottling and capping machine to effectively prevent the secondary pollution of beer. To this end, a number of technical measures have been taken on the bottling and capping machine. There are no parts that are difficult to clean and sterilize in the channel of liquor and gas in the filling valve and in the wine jar. The inner wall is smooth and smooth, and there is no sanitary dead corner in the structure. Sanitary pipes and valves are used in the beer transmission pipeline and gas transmission pipeline to prevent the accumulation and growth of microorganisms. All liquor and gas channels in the filling system are connected to the CIP system, and can be cleaned and sterilized by hot water, lye, acid and sterile water according to the set procedure

an external spray cleaning system is set in the middle area of the bottling capping machine platform, which is most vulnerable to microbial contamination. Hot water and cleaning disinfectant are regularly used to spray the platform, star wheel, bottle conveying channel, the outside of the filling valve, the centering ring device, the outside of the bottle supporting cylinder and the turntable, so as to timely eliminate the microorganisms growing on the body, so as to ensure that the filling area with the greatest impact on aseptic filling meets the health requirements

the gland head is specially designed for CLP cleaning. Automatic CLP cleaning devices are also installed in the bottle cap bucket and cap dropping tank, so that hot water can be used to clean and sterilize regularly. design sterile cap conveyor

caps used for sterile filling must be sterilized. On the bottle cap conveying channel of the bottle cap conveyor, an ultraviolet irradiation device is set to sterilize the bottle cap, and a number of anti pollution measures are taken to ensure that the bottle cap is transported to the capping machine in a sterile state improve the bottle conveying system

the bottle conveying belt from the outlet of the bottle washing machine to the population of the bottle washing machine is equipped with a plexiglass top cover, and the well is equipped with a centralized cleaning system to regularly clean and sterilize the bottle conveying chain, handrail and top cover, so as to minimize the pollution of external factors on clean bottles during bottle conveying develop CIP system with sterilization function

complete aseptic filling special equipment and technical measures have provided good and essential conditions for aseptic filling. A complete CIP system with sterilization function is also essential for the long-term normal production of sterile filling production line. The CLP System uses lye, acid, hot water and sterile water to wash and sterilize the relevant parts of the bottle filling machine and bottle capping machine as well as the pipes and valves at regular intervals, which can effectively prevent secondary pollution and ensure the aseptic filling of the filling system

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