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On December 25th, CTI Forum (Yang Yi): Xiamen United creative technology signed a contract with Peng to help China's animation original cause for CRM 11:27 Xiamen United Creative Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise committed to providing public services for animation culture and creativity and promoting the informatization of the animation industry, which was founded by many high-level returnees from the United States and Japan. Drawing on the mature development experience and product concept of the United States and Japan and other major animation industry countries, the company has independently developed a series of animation production software and hardware products, such as professional cartoon drawing software youman, high-performance animation illustration and painting software Youhua, animation production and release software animation factory, animation original support public service cloud platform youanime, 3D drawing robot qumarion and handwritten board assisted joystick craftsman, through introduction, absorption and re innovation, It fills the gap in the domestic professional market of the same kind, and the technology has reached the current international advanced level. The company's technical team members are college graduates or above. At the same time, it also employs some technical backbones with rich software professional technical knowledge and experience from world-renowned IT enterprises such as Nokia and Accenture and well-known research institutions at home and abroad. It is a team with great potential and innovative spirit

as a customer-oriented enterprise, Xiamen United youchuanglo technology deeply understands that in order to become a leading brand of animation software and provide market share of products, user experience publicity is a very effective and important method, so paying attention to customers, product use feedback and marketing must be based on customers. With the continuous expansion and development of the enterprise, under the consensus of the management, after investigating the CRM software providers one by one, we finally selected Peng, the leading brand of CRM in China and the largest CRM provider in South China, as the software, introduced excellent customer relationship management system, accelerated the process of enterprise transformation, and worked together to create a customer information-based enterprise image

Pengwei software is the largest CRM service provider in South China and the first batch of enterprises focusing on CRM software research and development in China. It is committed to providing customers with software products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights and comprehensive after-sales services. Pengwei has ten years of experience in CRM software development, professional and excellent technical team, experienced and must be operated under the guidance of skilled staff, which will also destroy the fixture: its marketing team and mature and complete product line can provide customers with professional CRM deployment plan, which has won customers' praise. After signing the contract, Peng sent professional CRM engineers for the software to understand the technology, optimize its business processes, and quickly deployed a set of b/s architecture Peng Wei E4 CRM according to business needs

PENG Wei E4 uses the latest Microsoft technology Net platform is mainly used in building materials, automobile industry, packaging and transportation of goods, decoration materials and daily life appliances. Without installing the client, Xiamen United youchuanglo technology employees can directly use the browser to log in to the system. At the same time, it also supports direct login, real-time input of customer follow-up information and timely registration of customer needs, realizing the mobile office of enterprise employees anytime and anywhere. Through the comprehensive and all dimensional attention to the customer life cycle, it provides enterprise managers with the collection and analysis of customer data, and adds some logical designs to help enterprise managers better provide corresponding personalized services according to the different characteristics of the customer life cycle, and carry out different strategic inputs, so that enterprises can obtain more customer value, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and optimize the life cycle of enterprises. At the same time, E4 has a perfect and flexible integrated process control mechanism of market, sales, after-sales, customers and products, including many practical functions such as customer management, customer segmentation, customer mining, customer care, quotation management, sales leads, etc., effectively realizing integrated management, and rich reports and intelligent data analysis provide a strong basis for enterprise decision-making

in the Internet era, enterprises must respond quickly to market changes, which stem from changes in customer behavior. Therefore, enterprises must grasp the needs of customers and take customers as the center to plan all resources of enterprises. It is believed that through Pengwei as the wing of CRM, Xiamen United youchuanglo Technology Co., Ltd. will be able to develop and provide high-tech animation creation software and hardware products and services suitable for market demand, help China's animation original business, support animation creation, and become the cradle of China's animation products. The European Commission will base on the research of 46 kinds of minerals in the world

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