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Central China CNC joint venture to establish intelligent control research institute

Central China CNC announced today that the company signed the cooperation framework agreement of Wuhan intelligent control industrial technology research institute with Wuhan airport Investment Group Co., Ltd. to jointly seek comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development and investment to establish Wuhan intelligent control industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Research Institute)

the announcement shows that the registered capital of the Institute is 350million yuan. Among them, Huazhong CNC plans to invest 200million yuan, including 150million yuan in intellectual property (patents, proprietary technology and other intangible assets), 30million yuan in related physical assets, and 20million yuan in cash. Meanwhile, airport investment group contributed 150million yuan in cash

it is reported that the Institute will include three major tasks: product research and development, testing services and industrialization research. Among them, product research and development will focus on the key technologies and core components of electrification, intelligence and lightweight

Huazhong CNC, as the basic method of using the static experimental machine, the recycled plastic granulator will have a large customer base. The investment is an important application of the core technology in the field of intelligent control (motor and drive, intelligent control, etc.) in the new energy vehicle industry. Focusing on the core intelligent control technology of intelligent manufacturing, the company will build an open and shared technology research and development and industrial incubation platform, promote the development of the company's new energy vehicle business, and further enhance the company's core competitiveness through experiments

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