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Joint venture production of disposable environmental degradation series products project

1. Project name: establishment of disposable environmental degradation series products of pulp

2. Investor and project overview

Australia guode environmental protection industrial company was founded in 1997. Chen is always an overseas Chinese, enthusiastic about the economic development of the motherland, and at the same time, he is also a material experimental machine, integrating contemporary advanced technology into one. He is optimistic about the investment environment in the mainland, Over the years, we have donated money to build rural roads in our hometown, and our business covers Southeast Asia and European and American countries with clothing, paper products, stone carving and bamboo and rattan technology. This year, our company has cooperated with Mitsubishi packaging, ITO, Wal Mart, McDonald's and KFC, Sign an enterprise operation mode that adopts ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system and integrates information technology and advanced management ideas. Secondary environmental protection department phase change materials absorb and store a large amount of latent heat; When the phase change materials are cooled, the main products are: 6 ", 7", 8 ", 9", 10 "discs, total products and large, medium and small hamburger boxes, with an annual demand of 100million. After the study of the board of directors, the company decided to put the project on the mainland of the motherland and seek partners

III. Project Construction Background:

China is a country with a large population, with great potential for domestic demand and rich resources. Setting up factories in the Mainland mainly uses local preferential policies and relatively low price labor, water and electricity, so as to greatly reduce product costs. The project has small investment, high profit and short payback period. It is conducive to the investment in the tertiary industry and the transformation of the operating mechanism of large and medium-sized enterprises. The profit of each product is about 0.5 yuan, and all products are sold abroad by foreign companies. The payback period of investment is about 1 year. The company plans to build a factory in Botou

IV. manufacturing raw materials: sugarcane, reed pulp, straw pulp and other raw materials can be recycled

v. investment proportion and mode of contribution:

China Weili shows the IML forming system of thin-walled containers made of all biodegradable materials, 55% of which is invested by the foreign party, 45% of which is invested in cash. China provides 1000-1500 square meters of workshops, which are leased by a joint venture. The investment scale preliminarily determines two production lines, with a total investment of about 10million yuan. An annual output of 80million products

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