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Jointly build a green northeast Zhongda power energy saving training was held in Shenyang

recently, at the power training meeting mainly focusing on permanent magnet speed regulation (PMD) hosted by the colleagues of Zhongda Diantong Changchun power business office 2 in Shenyang, green energy saving - like a precious "cool" in summer, was passed on to northeast partners

Zhongda's training is mainly aimed at the power system, and more than a dozen local channel partners and direct customers were invited to participate. At the training meeting hosted by senior experts from the permanent magnet speed regulation products division of the headquarters, how to effectively reduce self consumption of electricity and thus reduce production costs; How to promote the new technology of environmental protection and energy saving, expand the scope of energy-saving transformation, speed up the progress of energy-saving transformation, the width of the guide rod, and the product technology of permanent magnet speed regulation are introduced in detail

permanent magnet speed regulation driver - the energy-saving pioneer introduced by Zhongda Diantong as the exclusive agent, is Magna distance b in the United States. It is an energy-saving product exclusively developed by drive company and has the world's most advanced speed regulation technology. Through the magnetic coupling speed regulation of permanent magnets, it can achieve high efficiency and energy saving. It is a pure mechanical device, which can reliably stimulate the endogenous kinetic energy of entrepreneurship. Permanent magnet variable speed drive (PMD) is currently only produced in the United States, with an average trouble free time of 25 years. Moreover, there is no need for laser calibration during installation, and there is no need to add air conditioning, dust prevention and other facilities. It can work in various harsh working environments such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dirt, flammability, explosive, unstable voltage and lightning. 2. Free arc height - the arc height h 0 of leaf spring under no load, which greatly reduces mechanical vibration. It has obvious advantages in terms of maintenance costs, additional costs and production losses, and is suitable for power plants, metallurgy, petrochemical and mining industries

these characteristics were highly praised by the majority of customers attending the meeting, and expressed strong interest in the promotion and application prospects of the product. During the training, experts from the product department introduced the latest technologies and solutions for Zhongda ups and lightning protection products, and answered the partners' questions in detail

to jointly build a green northeast, Zhongda Diantong is making every effort to promote it

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