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Jotun coatings helped Nanjing Golden Eagle world to become the "world's largest department store"

Shanghai, China, October 11, 2016 - Jotun coatings, the world's leading professional coating manufacturer, recently announced its cooperation with Golden Eagle International Group, Provide anticorrosive coating solutions and all-round technical services for the future "the world's largest department store for sealing experiments of flexible packaging films in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries" Nanjing Hexi Golden Eagle World Plaza

the total volume of Golden Eagle world in the west of Nanjing river is 900000 square meters, which is composed of underground buildings, podium buildings and three towers. Among them, the underground and podium building constitute the commercial department store, with an area of 480000 square meters. After completion, it will set a new Guinness record of "the world's largest department store" with an area of 290000 square meters in Busan new world department store, South Korea. The three towers are 250 meters, 300 meters and 350 meters high respectively, and will be connected in series by a 20000 square meter air platform in the air of 200 meters

jinyingtiandi project has complex characteristics such as large volume and many high-rise buildings. The anti-corrosion quality of the project will directly affect its overall reliability and service life. Jotun has provided anticorrosive coating solutions for many well-known high-rise buildings, such as the Dubai Khalifa tower, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Malaysian microcomputer controlled tension wheel spring torsion testing machine, the Western Asia twin towers, the Guangzhou TV Tower, the Shanghai center and so on. Through multi-channel customer communication, Jotun Paint has fully considered the volume, climate, nature, culture and other needs of the Golden Eagle World Plaza project. With its high-performance products that respond to its proliferation changes and rich experience in high-rise building corrosion prevention, Jotun Paint has customized a high-performance, easy to construct, cost optimized corrosion prevention solution and a full range of technical support services for the Golden Eagle world project, Help it extend the service life of the building, reduce the maintenance cost, and better protect the life and property safety of users. Through win-win cooperation, help the whole project win the top. 3. It can realize independent operation "the best department store in the world"

Jotun's industrial protective coating has always been a symbol of excellent quality in this field and has been highly recognized in the industry. This time, we provided coating solutions for Nanjing Hexi Golden Eagle World Plaza project, which further enriched Jotun's service and technical experience in the field of domestic high-rise buildings. In the future, Jotun hopes to work with customers to bring more beautiful scenery to modern cities

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