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Asia Pacific market analysis of ethylene, propylene and butadiene

ethylene European debt crisis worries have suppressed ethylene price negotiations in Asia. The spot valuation of ethylene in Northeast Asia fell by US $20 ~ 30 to US $1000 ~ 1020 (CFR, Northeast Asia, CFR, China). A ship of 3000 tons arrived at the end of November was traded at nearly US $1000 (ton price, the same below), and a ship of 3500 tons with a total investment of 500 million yuan. Is it normal for a ship arriving in November to be traded at US $1000 (CFR, China) for safety insurance. It is reported that the quotation of Iranian cargo arriving in the second half of November is US $980 (CFR, Northeast Asia). An Iranian manufacturer said that it was negotiating with Asian buyers with oil tanks for the shipment arriving at the end of November, and the sales target price was more than US $1000 (CFR). There is no bargaining in FOB Korea/Northeast Asia market, and the operating rate of main devices is low. CFR Northeast Asia market is weak, and traders bid us $1000 (FOB, South Korea). The spot price of ethylene in Southeast Asia is stable at $1000 ~ 1020 (CFR, Southeast Asia), and the intended purchase price of shipments in December is still below $1000 (CFR, Southeast Asia), but there is no firm quotation

the spot price of propylene in Asia is stable in this period. The spot price of propylene in Northeast Asia is $1230 ~ 1270 (CFR, Northeast Asia), and the main transactions are concluded within this price range. Several ships of Korean cargo arriving in the first half of December reached a deal at US $1250 ~ 1270 (CFR, China), some deals at US $1230 ~ 1250 (CFR, China), and a ship of local cargo reached a deal at US $1220 (CFR, China). The market quotation is 1260 ~ 1280 US dollars (CFR, Northeast Asia), and the bid price is 1230 ~ 1250 US dollars (CFR, Northeast Asia). The two ships of frozen Middle East propylene cargo are reached at 1230 US dollars (CFR, China), and the shipping date is early December. A ship of 800 tons from Japan arrived in the first half of December, and the cargo was also traded at this price. In East China market, the price of propylene warehouse increased by 50 yuan to 9700 ~ 10000 yuan. FOB Korean market, the shipment of 2 ~ 3 ships in the first half of December is a circular arc synchronous gear belt with a transaction of 1200 ~ 1210 dollars (FOB, Korea), and another transaction is reached with 1170 dollars (FOB, Korea). Most traders' purchase intention price is below $1200 (FOB, South Korea). Spot valuation in Southeast Asia rose $10 to $1260 to $1290 (CFR, Southeast Asia). A ship of local cargo arriving in November was traded at US $1290 (CFR, Southeast Asia)

the spot price of butadiene in Asia fell sharply in this period because the supply of butadiene far exceeded the demand. Sellers or traders were eager to clear the inventory before the end of the year, so some sellers' quotations fell to $1600 (CFR, Northeast Asia). Brazil, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand shipped about 20000 tons of goods in November and December, and will arrive in the next few months. Several downstream synthetic rubber and ABS plants in Asia have reduced their operating rates. If the market situation still does not improve, they will further reduce the employment rate of the private enterprise Fujian Shishi Xinghuo aluminum products Co., Ltd. in December. In the Northeast Asia market, some transactions are concluded at the price of 1600 US dollars (CFR, Northeast Asia), and the shipment date is November. In the second half of November or early December, the purchase intention price of the loaded cargo fell to $1500 ~ 1550 (CFR, Northeast Asia), but there was limited interest in sales at this price level. In the Southeast Asian market, price negotiations are limited, and firm offers are scarce

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