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New news on November 28, the 2018 academic annual meeting of the professional committee of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology of Hunan Rehabilitation Association and the training of assistive devices for the disabled was grandly held in Loudi. Liuxianquan, director of the provincial assistive devices Center for the disabled, presided over the annual meeting. The Secretary of the party group of Loudi disabled persons' Federation Zeng Qingchuan, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a speech on the training. The relevant leaders and instructors of the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation and the relevant leaders of the disabled persons' Federation of brother cities and prefectures, the technicians of the provincial municipal auxiliary equipment service institutions and the technicians of the auxiliary equipment institutions at the county level of cities, prefectures and counties attended the opening ceremony. They will receive a three-day training here and carry out academic exchanges and discussions

the picture shows the opening ceremony of the provincial training on assistive devices for the disabled

the picture shows the scene of the 2018 academic annual meeting of the provincial rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology professional committee

"holding the provincial training course on assistive devices in Loudi is an opportunity for the rapid development of assistive devices adaptation for the disabled in our city, which fully reflects the high attention and affirmation of the provincial assistive devices center on assistive devices adaptation for the disabled in our city." Zeng Qingchuan said in his speech that our city has included the service of assistive devices for the disabled, but the consumption of household appliances is not very large, into the annual target of key work in the 2018 government work report. This year, 1million yuan has been invested in the adaptation service of assistive devices for the disabled. The implementation plan for each project of the annual task was issued, and assistive fitting services were provided to 1000 disabled people free of charge. Focus on the institution construction of the auxiliary equipment center, and carry out the personnel allocation and system construction step by step. Standardize the management of mobile service vehicles. In accordance with the spirit of the measures for the administration of mobile service vehicles for assistive devices of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, the city regularly organizes people to enter villages and towns or remote rural areas to carry out various services such as screening for the needs of disabled persons such as limbs, vision and hearing, assembly of prosthetic orthotics, fitting of low vision, fitting of hearing aids, fitting of assistive devices, guidance on the use of assistive devices, maintenance return visits, etc., so as to benefit the majority of grass-roots and rural disabled people

it is understood that there are 251100 disabled people of all kinds in our city, accounting for 6.2% of the total population of the city, including 41935 visually disabled people, 51378 hearing disabled people, 3468 speech disabled people, 82010 physical disabled people, 17237 intellectual disabled people, 17396 mental disabled people and 37678 multiple disabled people. By november26,2018, there were more than 95000 disabled people with certificates in the city, 40761 disabled people with basic rehabilitation needs, including 25124 disabled people with assistive device adaptation needs, 18270 disabled people had completed assistive device adaptation services, and the assistive device adaptation service rate reached 72.72%, exceeding the task of precision rehabilitation services for disabled people in 2018. This year, the province has carried out key free rehabilitation projects in our city, including 106 low vision adaptive vision aids, 71 adaptive orthoses for disabled children, 28 Free corrective operations for physically disabled children, and 48 operations for people with disabilities in Guiguan who use "standing plan project" as limbs and then accounting pages and keywords

the picture shows Ma Xiangrui, the lecturer, making an academic exchange entitled "finding a new direction for low vision and blind assistive devices"

in recent years, under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee and government, with the active cooperation of relevant departments and all sectors of society, the work for the disabled in our city has successfully completed various tasks, including rehabilitation, poverty alleviation, education, employment, publicity, culture Rapid development has been made in the protection of rights and interests, which has improved the production and living conditions of the disabled, enhanced their ability to participate in social life and improved their social status

assistive devices for the disabled can effectively prevent, compensate, reduce or replace the impairment or loss of physical function caused by disability, and effectively improve the happiness index of the disabled. The successful holding of this training in recent years will play a good role in promoting and conducting the construction of the disabled assistive device talent team in our province and promoting the comprehensive development of assistive device adaptation services. (: Liu Ying)

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