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Sofa is very important in home life. We usually place a sofa in the living room and other places. So what should we pay attention to when choosing sofa? The sofa also needs cleaning after it has been put for a long time. So what are the skills of cleaning the sofa? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce you to the tips of cleaning sofa and what you need to pay attention to when buying sofa

1. Tips for cleaning sofa

1. Fabric sofa

many families like to use fabric sofa, because it is easier to dust, so we can use vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa regularly. If only a small part of the fabric sofa will be dirty, then when we clean it, we can use a special detergent and wipe it repeatedly. Don't use a lot of water to scrub it. The cloth cover of cloth sofa had better be dry cleaned

2. Leather sofa

if there is a stain on the leather sofa accidentally, we wipe the dust on the sofa with a rag and wipe the stain with expired hand cream. If it's oil stains and other stains, we can wipe the stains with a towel dipped in some alcohol, and then wipe it again with a wrung towel. It's best to apply a protective agent. At ordinary times, you only need to clean up the impurities with a vacuum cleaner. Clean with care agent every two months

3. Rattan sofa

when cleaning the rattan sofa, you can use a dry towel or vacuum cleaner to clean its dust. Never use clean water to clean it, because it is prone to moisture and deformation. Then we wipe it with a slightly wet towel and dry it naturally. If there are stains on the rattan sofa, we can use sandpaper to remove the surface stains, and then apply varnish to dry it naturally

4. Wooden sofa

when we clean the wooden sofa, we can first wipe it with a rag with some diluted neutral soapy water, then wipe it with clean water, and finally wipe off the water with a dry cloth. If there are stains on the wooden furniture, we can soak the rag in the expired milk and wipe it. Finally, we need to wipe it again with clean water. We can wipe the stains off with warm tea. Wooden sofa had better be waxed and maintained regularly

2. What should we pay attention to when buying a sofa

1. When we buy a sofa, we should first look at the frame. We can shake it vigorously to see whether it is firm. The frame of the sofa can't be eaten by insects. Next, we can try to sit on the sofa to see how comfortable it is and whether it matches the height of the tea table

2. Secondly, you can choose different sofa materials according to your needs. The purchasing methods of sofas made of different materials are different. For example, the wooden sofa can't crack or smell irritating. Finally, we need to look at its style, color, after-sales and other aspects

Xiaobian's summary: This is the Xiaobian's introduction to the tips on cleaning sofas and what to pay attention to when buying sofas. You can refer to the above methods to clean and take care of the sofa at home. Of course, you can choose a special cleaning company to clean the sofa at home




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