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The hollow glass built-in shutter doors and windows are composed of high-quality double-layer tempered glass. Aluminum shutter blades are built in the glass, which are controlled by the handle magnetic control, and the built-in motor can also be controlled by the switch or remote control

it is a kind of door and window shading product that controls the light entering the room through adjusting the viewpoint of the shutter. The louver is installed in the hollow glass, which not only preserves the beautiful and useful characteristics of the window decoration louver, but also overcomes the defect of cumbersome cleaning of the window decoration louver. What are the functions of using this kind of glass for doors and windows

energy saving in summer, when the shutter is adjusted to a closed condition, it can block the direct sunlight, isolate the convection of cold and hot air, and greatly reduce the energy consumption of indoor air conditioning

in winter, the shutter can be lifted to make the sun shine directly, fully absorb heat energy, make the indoor warm air not easy to lose, and then achieve the purpose of energy saving. Because the dust-proof, oil smoke proof and pollution proof shutter is built into the glass hollow layer, it does not need to be cleaned, so it can save time and effort. While creating a personalized private space, it will unconsciously bring you a quiet, comfortable and healthy environment. Fire resistance in any building, the traditional window cloth is flammable, and once a fire breaks out, the window cloth made of cloth yarn, chemical fiber and other materials will release a large amount of toxic smoke when burning, resulting in indoor suffocation and casualties

hollow glass built-in shutter doors and windows are not only protected from open fire, but also will not release dense smoke in the fire. Double layer tempered glass and built-in aluminum shutter also have the function of isolating flame transmission, effectively reducing the probability of fire, and it is a reliable fire prevention product

sound insulation according to the test, insulating glass can generally reduce the noise transmitted from outside to inside by about 25 dB, and the built-in shutter doors and windows in insulating glass will further reduce the indoor noise, which can reach 36 dB, ensuring perfect sound insulation

frost prevention in cold areas in winter, general glass door and window systems will frost because of the large temperature difference between the outside and inside of the room. The use of hollow glass built-in shutter doors and windows, because of its excellent air tightness and water tightness, and then isolate the phenomenon of moisture seepage, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of freezing and frosting on the door and window glass. Double sided hollow tempered glass is selected for safety, with high wind resistance and external impact force. It is suitable for high-rise and coastal construction, and can also replace the traditional window cloth





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