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For home decoration, environmental protection can only be limited environmental protection, but there is no absolute environmental protection. First, it is difficult for home decoration materials on the market to achieve absolute environmental protection. For example, chemical products such as paint cannot achieve absolute environmental protection; Second, the materials that can achieve environmental protection are not complete, so the environmental protection in home decoration is limited. In fact, in the family, temperature, humidity and air flow speed will affect the release of harmful substances in home decoration materials. For example, the greater the temperature and humidity in the room, the faster the release of harmful substances in materials; Good indoor ventilation can take away harmful substances and reduce the harm to human body

at present, environmental friendly home decoration materials on the market are not free of harmful substances, but the content or release of this substance is lower than the national standard. If consumers use it normally or use a small area, environmentally friendly materials are indeed safer than ordinary materials. However, if consumers use them improperly or exceed the standard, environmentally friendly materials will also pollute indoor air, thereby affecting human health

◆ environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly materials

environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly materials are two concepts. Environmental protection materials refer to materials that have passed the certification of national authoritative testing institutions and meet environmental protection standards; Environmental friendly materials refer to materials with improved environmental performance and relatively high environmental protection indicators compared with similar products of the same brand. Just like automobile exhaust emissions, different emissions determine different environmental protection indicators. The environmentally friendly materials mentioned here are the same as it

at present, China's green environmental protection certification has just started. Many domestic enterprises do not pay enough attention to green certification, and few environmental protection building materials have really passed the green certification; Imported building materials, which are very active in the domestic market, seem to be dismissive of domestic green certification under the guise of having obtained European or international environmental protection certification. Last year, there were only four brands of flooring products that passed China's green environmental protection certification, of which only one was imported. According to the relevant officials of green certification, the current specification of domestic green certification is very high, and its standards and assessment process basically reach the international level, and some aspects are even stricter than the international standards

there are many so-called green products on the market now, but in fact, very few have been certified. When consumers choose, there is no unified standard. Of course, they can only follow their feelings and hold the green hand blindly. In fact, green certification will give products a unified measurement standard, which requires consumers to recognize green and responsible manufacturers to actively apply for green certification

◆ how much harm does non environmental protection products do to human body? the harm of home decoration to human body is mainly air pollution. These pollution sources mainly include formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and radioactive elements of natural stones, among which formaldehyde and radioactive elements are the most harmful to human body. Early aldehydes are slow to emit, and can't be volatilized indoors for a long time. Radioactive elements can't be seen, touched, and even smelled. They are colorless and tasteless, so it's conceivable that once they are released beyond the standard, they will cause harm to human body





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