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There are "secrets" for Liugong to acquire HSW company and take root in Poland.

there are "secrets" for Liugong to acquire HSW company and take root in Poland.

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in the Carpathian Province in southeastern Poland, there is a building named Si 4 The setting function of output results is the small town of talovavora, whose Polish meaning is "iron will". In 1937, the Polish people established a steel plant and a military factory here to protect their country and become the predecessor of Huta stalowa Wola company (hereinafter referred to as "HSW"). Today, the company has been fully controlled by Chinese enterprises, and has become the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer with the help of Chinese advanced management experience

at the beginning of 2010, Guangxi Liugong (6.370, -0.01, -0.16%) Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liugong") began to acquire the civil engineering machinery department under HSW. At first, the acquisition process was not smooth sailing. The trade union of HSW enterprise put forward requirements for employee employment security and salary level, and the negotiation was once in a stalemate. However, Liugong did not give up its acquisition efforts, but kept contacting and negotiating with the trade union. Finally, the two sides reached a consensus that Liugong would provide employees with an employment security period of the next four and a half years and a salary increase of 3%

in February, 2012, Liugong officially completed the acquisition of all assets of HSW civil engineering machinery division and its three overseas subsidiaries, owned all intellectual property rights and trademarks of its brand dressta, and established Liugong RUISTA Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liugong RUISTA"). The project became the first polish state-owned assets privatization project participated by Chinese enterprises, and it is also the largest Chinese investment project in Poland so far

as Liugong's largest overseas investment project, this acquisition is also a milestone in Liugong's globalization process, such as the legislation and implementation of reducing power consumption, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through this acquisition, Liugong obtained the core technology for manufacturing a series of loaders including chassis, transmission parts, etc., and effectively supplemented Liugong's product line and international marketing network. In October, 2013, liugongruista fully acquired Poland zzn company, a world-class transmission system manufacturer. Since then, liugongruista has become Liugong's "bridgehead" overseas, helping Liugong's products break through barriers and quickly enter the high-end markets in Europe and the United States

hsw's large number of skilled workers and their "craftsman spirit" are even more valuable wealth for Liugong. At present, liugongruista has 1280 employees, with an average age of 50. "Polish workers are simple and sincere, keep improving their work and have a spirit of cooperation. They have developed skilled skills and accumulated rich experience for decades, and can be called the representative of Polish 'craftsman spirit'." Houyubo, assistant president of liugongruista, told this newspaper

Liugong has been adhering to the concept of "people-oriented" for a long time, and believes that the core competitiveness of the company is employees. Liugong "imported" its advanced production management experience and excellent human resource management system formed over the years to the Polish branch, effectively improving production efficiency while ensuring product quality. In 2014, liugongruista won the best Chinese investment award in Poland, the best employer in Poland, and became the best supplier of general motors for two consecutive years

in the future, liugongruista will be upgraded to Liugong's European regional headquarters, comprehensively coordinate all important affairs and resources in Europe, and plan to become a R & D and manufacturing center and a high-end international talent training base that should strictly control the forming conditions in the European and American markets

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