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The second China glass mold Summit Forum was held in Shajiabang on September 29, the second China glass mold biomedical material implantation and body reaction Summit Forum was held in Shajiabang, the hometown of China glass mold. Zhaoyiyuan, chairman of Seiko mold, majianhua, chairman of Jianhua mold, gejianming, chairman of Dongfang mold, Luwen, general manager of Weiheng mold, zhangshengde, chairman of Rongtai mold, Wangzhi, general manager of Chengdu Xinzhi sunshine mold, Sichuan, gujianping, general manager of Changshu Shinan mold, wangxingyuan, general manager of Changshu brother glass mold and other representatives of eight glass mold enterprises attended the meeting. Menglingyan, chairman of China Daily Glass Association Liujianping, vice president and Secretary General of the association, zhaowanbang, Deputy Secretary General of the association, zhangjianqiang, Secretary of the Party committee of Shajiabang Town, luweidong, deputy secretary, yaocailian, deputy mayor of Shajiabang town and other relevant persons attended the meeting. Zhuyahui, Secretary of China mould and vice mayor of Changshu, extended warm congratulations on the convening of the meeting

The meeting was presided over by majianhua, vice president and Secretary General of Shajiabang glass mould chamber of Commerce. The theme of this summit is: how to develop China's glass molds better

Secretary General Ma Jianhua introduced the ASEAN glass summit held in Vietnam in September this year. The focus of the ASEAN Summit discussion was: how can ASEAN unite to measure up to 2kg at a time: Pb is 418kg to resist Chinese bargains

on behalf of the chamber of Commerce, zhaoyiyuan, President of Shajiabang glass mould chamber of Commerce, first thanked the delegates for attending the meeting, reviewed the development of Shajiabang glass mould industry in 2011, and analyzed the development situation of the mould industry in the first half of 2012. In 2011, the fixed assets of the glass mold industry reached 650million, with more than 3500 employees. The total output value reached 850million yuan, of which export earned foreign exchange of 60million dollars. In 2011, the total tax payment of the industry exceeded 60million yuan. For example, the 0-channel channel was selected to show that the glass mold industry has the characteristics of large investment and small output value. Everyone has made positive contributions to the society, the industry and the local economic development based on the principle of small profits and quick turnover

chairman Zhao pointed out that the development situation of the glass mold industry in 2012 was grim. We should adhere to the policy of seeking development in stability, actively explore both domestic and international markets, and especially grasp the direction of the foreign trade market. It is hoped that all representatives present at the meeting will speak freely, summarize experience, analyze the situation, put forward suggestions and measures, make concerted efforts, cooperate sincerely, and offer suggestions for the healthy and orderly development of the glass mold industry

menglingyan, the president of the association, liujianping, the vice president and Secretary General of the association, and zhangjianqiang, the Secretary of the Party committee of Shajiabang Town, spoke at the meeting

Secretary zhangjianqiang pointed out in his speech that Shajiabang glass mould has made great progress in scale, benefit, quality, variety and export in recent years, and has made positive contributions to the local and industry, especially in terms of products, reputation going abroad, science and technology and talents coming in. Going abroad and going to the world is an important symbol of industrial upgrading. Buy a good mould in Shajiabang. The achievements of Shajiabang glass mould can not be separated from the care and support of the daily glass association. According to the development status and future development of Shajiabang glass mould, Shajiabang will build China's glass mould industry base. The township government will strive to make positive contributions to the development of glass moulds in China. It is hoped that our Jinhua enterprises will have the courage to innovate and become the national flower - Peony, instead of becoming the victim of vicious competition and rotten cauliflower. We should have the courage to undertake social responsibilities and cultivate the second generation of enterprises. Make new contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of the glass mold industry

Secretary General Liu Jianping focused on the achievements made in the development of the domestic glass industry during the 11th Five Year Plan period, introduced the 12th Five Year Plan, emphasized the important position and role of glass mold in the industrial chain, advocated the necessity of differentiated development of glass mold enterprises, encouraged suppliers and suppliers to establish long-term strategic partnership, and encouraged enterprises to face both domestic and international markets, Actively contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the daily glass industry

in his speech, chairman Meng Lingyan first thanked vice chairman zhaoyiyuan for actively advocating the convening of the glass mold Summit Forum. At the same time, he thanked the representatives of all enterprises participating in the meeting. It is very necessary and timely to hold the summit forum at the right time. In the face of more complex international and domestic economic situations, the industry needs to sum up experience in a timely and serious manner, carry forward achievements, correct deficiencies and make better progress. Some people say that glass moulds are the mother of glass products. How can good glass products be made without good moulds? This shows the importance of the mold. Through the discussion, the situation of glass mold is gratifying and promising. The manufacturing level of mold equipment is getting better and better, the product quality is getting higher and higher, the production environment of the enterprise is getting better and better, the industry management is becoming more and more standardized, the business scope is becoming more and more extensive and international, and the international influence of China's glass mold manufacturing is growing. The worry is that the manufacturing cost is getting higher and higher, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the business is becoming more and more difficult to do, The benefits are getting lower and lower, I feel more and more tired, and the crisis is approaching

chairman Meng emphasized that the mold industry should adhere to unity, cooperation, innovation and development, and discussed how to better develop China's glass mold from four aspects

I. review history and cherish achievements. China's glass molds have grown from scratch, from small to large. From weak to relatively strong, from extensive to refined, from disorderly to relatively standardized, from domestic to international, from manufacturing to creation, from farmers to modern professionals, from manual to mechanized, from shift to leading, and many other aspects have made brilliant achievements. Although it has been very difficult, the achievements are gratifying and encouraging. Achievements have not come easily. Healthy and sustainable development needs to be cherished and redoubled

second, be kind to problems and be honest with each other. The development situation of China's glass mold industry is not optimistic. The healthy development of the industry has also encountered unprecedented difficulties. It can be called a critical moment. The production cost is getting higher and higher, the product price is getting lower and lower, the enterprise burden is getting heavier and heavier, and the entrepreneurial passion is weakening. In the face of disorderly competition, many enterprises feel helpless. In the face of difficulties, we need to unite and keep warm together. We should take positive actions and do a good job in three-dimensional work, that is, maintaining stability, rights and interests. Maintain the hard won good situation and the current good atmosphere for communication. Maintain the right to survival, development, information, discourse and decision-making. Safeguard the interests of enterprises and industries, and maintain the social image of China's mold industry. We should adhere to the three principles: law-abiding, rule-abiding and convention abiding. We should adhere to the three excellences: sincere unity, careful cooperation and excellence. Be honest and do things honestly. It's better to communicate in time than to suspect each other. It's better to be grateful than to complain. It's better to learn than to be jealous. It's better to review yourself than to hate others. Don't do it because it is small, and don't do it because it is small

III. study countermeasures and take measures in place. It emphasizes resource sharing, benefit sharing, unity and cooperation, and innovative development. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. We should improve the existing cooperation conventions, establish a communication and exchange mechanism, and establish a mechanism to encourage review

IV. look forward to the future and develop intelligently. At present, China's glass mold share in the international market still has a lot of room for development. We should practice our internal skills hard and be good at learning and studying. We should be determined to create a gold medal enterprise, a century old enterprise, make exquisite products, let others win, and win ourselves. We should have strategic psychological preparation for industry integration and merger. We should foster a reasonable competitive mechanism, including a reasonable competitive price. We should cultivate our own brands, strengthen the cultivation of core competitiveness, and cultivate a group army in the glass mold industry. We should establish strategic partnership with our customers. Shajiabang mould should set an example of intelligent development. The world's glass mould should see China, and China's glass mould should see Shajiabang

through the forum, the participants expressed their understanding of the theme "how to develop China's glass mold better" from different angles and put forward many good suggestions, and initially formed the following consensus:

I. In recent years, China's glass mold industry has made remarkable achievements. In view of the severe situation facing the current development of the glass mold industry and the main problems restricting the healthy and orderly development of the industry, Put forward relevant measures and suggestions, and jointly look forward to the bright future of the industry development

II. The meeting held that the glass mold industry is an important link in China's daily-use glass industry chain and an indispensable part. The healthy development of the mold industry is crucial to the development of the whole daily-use glass industry. It is hoped that the whole daily-use glass industry should further care about and support the healthy and sustainable development of the glass mold industry

in recent three years, China's glass mold industry has developed rapidly and its overall strength has been continuously improved

1. The number of enterprises increased. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2011, there were nearly 300 glass mold enterprises, including 151 in Shajiabang, and the rest were mainly distributed in Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong and other places

2. The output value continues to increase. At the end of 2011, the output value of glass molds exceeded 1.3 billion yuan, of which Shajiabang output value exceeded 850million yuan.

3. The scale of enterprises continues to increase, of which more than 4 enterprises have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan

4. The manufacturing level of mold equipment has been greatly improved, and has approached or reached the international advanced level. In recent years, many enterprises have invested heavily in upgrading manufacturing equipment, with a capital investment of more than 400million yuan

5. The continuous improvement of product quality can not only meet the needs of domestic enterprises, but also meet the needs of international high-end customers. Therefore, the mold Jinhua enterprises should actively cooperate with colleges and universities to tackle key problems and strive to achieve new results in strategic cooperation

6. The export of foreign trade has increased year by year. In 2011, Shajiabang mould earned more than 60million US dollars in foreign exchange, a new record

7. The awareness of unity, cooperation and rational competition is continuously enhanced, and the channels for strengthening communication and cooperation should be kept unblocked

III. the meeting expressed optimism about the development prospect of the glass mold industry. First, the healthy and orderly development of the national daily-use glass industry will bring more opportunities to the development of the mold industry. Second, the recognition and confidence of the international market in China's glass mold industry will provide a broader space for the development of the industry. In the last three months of 2012, the glass mold industry should continue to adhere to quality, dignity, integrity, progress while maintaining stability, scientific development and intelligent development

IV. the meeting advocated that making molds and undertaking should be more dignified. The meeting fully affirmed the international development of China's glass molds and the honest management and orderly competition of the industry. The meeting encouraged the industry to concentrate advantageous resources for differentiated development, encourage the establishment of long-term strategic partnership with customers, encourage honest operation, rational competition, curb vicious competition, and encourage the construction of an industry atmosphere of resource sharing, benefit sharing, sharing, win-win cooperation and scientific development

v. the meeting thanked the customers of daily-use glass enterprises for their understanding and support to the mold industry

VI. the meeting affirmed the development and achievements of Jinhua mould enterprises in the past three years. The meeting recommended that the association further improve the selection conditions for evaluating Jinhua enterprises and encourage more enterprises to enter the Jinhua Enterprise category


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