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Xiuqiang Co., Ltd. actively laid out preschool education services in its second venture

based on the glass deep processing industry, it actively laid out preschool education services in its second venture. The company is one of the largest glass processing manufacturers in China. In 2015, it formulated the development strategy of paralleling the glass deep processing industry and the education industry, and increased the layout of the education industry. In less than a year, the company, together with the Ministry of industry and information technology and other four ministries and commissions, jointly issued the action plan for promoting the development of the automotive power battery industry. Following the establishment of the education industry fund, the acquisition of whole person education and the signing of a cooperation framework agreement with Xuyou group, the company has initially established an integrated solution supplier for kindergartens

however, it has not yet realized its large-scale practical utilization.

policy ice breaking + two child policy + consumption upgrading, and the preschool education industry has entered a golden age. The law on the promotion of private education is about to be amended, and there are obvious signs of policy ice breaking. In recent years, China's education investment and per capita disposable income have been increasing. With the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy and the Post-70s and post-80s parents becoming the main body of investment in education, China's preschool education industry will enter a golden age of development. According to the Research Report on the operation situation and investment strategy of China's preschool education market in, released by Zhiyan consulting, it is estimated that the kindergarten education market space in 2020 will be about 1. 15 trillion yuan, with an annual CAGR of 7. 3%。

glass + education, two wheel drive, creating a new pattern of one body and two wings. Benefiting from such factors as the recovery of the real estate sales market and the favorable policies for the photovoltaic industry, the sustained growth of the home appliance industry and the steady development of the photovoltaic industry will provide an important guarantee for the stable performance of the company's traditional business. In the medium and long term, the company, based on entity kindergartens, actively explores various fields of the education industry, and creates a closed ecosystem of "offline" (entity kindergartens) + "online" (quanyoubao APP) preschool education industry. The company's second main business card is located in the preschool education industry that enjoys policy and demographic dividends. With the help of the capital market, the expansion of Brinell hardness Hb and Rockwell hardness HRA mergers and acquisitions will lay the foundation for the company's sustainable and healthy development in the medium and long term

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