The secret of saving thousands of yuan per month i

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Doosan's customer story: the secret of saving thousands of yuan per month is ta

Doosan's customer story: the secret of saving thousands of yuan per month is ta

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Luzhou, Sichuan. Boss he is well-known locally. He has been his own boss from the earliest "small four-wheel" transportation business to the current excavator project. Moby and Dow have never established a long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership. They have never designed life and naturally do not want to talk about ideals. In his opinion, doing things in a down-to-earth manner is better than anything

in the construction machinery industry for more than ten years, boss he has experienced all kinds of experiences: the excitement of digging the first pot of gold, constantly adding excitement to the equipment, rotating around during the day and night when he is busiest, and worrying with excavators when the economy is depressed

Doosan dx150lc-9c excavator

in 2003, boss he first came into contact with Doosan sample excavators made of metal and non-metal materials, and trust has been slowly cultivated since then. Now there are four Doosan equipment, three of which are dx150lc-9c. They are very satisfied with the performance, fuel consumption, comfort and safety before starting the screw extraction equipment (which may be attached to the gearbox). PHA has been widely used in medical devices, blood sweat tube tissue engineering, nerve duct tissue engineering, bone tissue engineering, cartilage tissue engineering, drug transport carrier and medical care. For a long time, boss he's projects were concentrated in the sand and gravel factory. In order to save worry, he gradually turned to infrastructure construction and urban greening. "It has been used for a long time. There are no problems or failures. The overall construction efficiency is very high. Compared with the previous equipment and my other brand equipment, it can save more than ten yuan an hour. It can definitely be called a good helper."

"I choose Excavators Based on two factors, one is brand, the other is fuel saving." Doosan's timely service has created a better product experience. With the fuel saving effect of saving thousands of yuan last month, boss he said with a smile that it was too difficult to choose Doosan

boss he also stressed that good products should produce good projects, and maintenance is equally important. "The key to a long service life lies in maintenance. It is not allowed to be sloppy at all when and how to maintain it." Boss he said that he has a team responsible for the maintenance of full-time products. Although there is a certain gap between the income of excavators now and the peak four to five years ago, boss he has never thought of giving up. He still takes good care of each excavator

the "working economy" on excavators has created a large number of rich people. The legend of working to make rich around excavators has also been successfully copied, but for boss he, those are other people's things. Life should follow its own pace. Boss he's life may be summarized as one sentence: a real person, with Doushan, will continue to be happy

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