The second spring large-scale ordering meeting in

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Shantui held the second spring large-scale order meeting in Anhui region

Shantui held the second spring large-scale order meeting in Anhui region

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march in the spring, the world is updated. Recently, Northcote said that Shantui Co., Ltd. and Anhui Shantui gathered in Hefei to hold the second spring customer experience large-scale ordering meeting of "golden service · re launch" of Anhui Shantui in 2019. Zhang Min, the general manager of the company, attended the event, and the relevant heads of the marketing department, Research Institute, Daoji business department, marketing company and other units attended

more than 400 new and old customers of Anhui Shantui were invited to participate in this meeting, interspersed with product experience, literary and artistic performances, customers' deposits, lucky draw and smashing golden eggs, and promotion policies. Although the frequency band of the expander sometimes reached this range of publicity and other links. At the same time, round after round of gratitude Awards - pickup trucks have been spent by customers. The scene instantly entered the order grabbing mode, the venue was hot, and the deposit was reported frequently. More than 80 sets of various host products and nearly one million accessories were sold at the meeting. It has laid a solid foundation for Shantui to expand Anhui regional market

at the customer symposium, general manager Zhang Min had in-depth exchanges with local customers of push, road and decoration products, listened carefully to customers' suggestions on the improvement of Shantui products, and made customers truly feel the core values of "customer satisfaction is our purpose" that Shantui has always practiced

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