The second staff congress of the fifth session was

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The tile axis group company held the fifth second employee congress

the tile axis group company held the fifth second employee congress

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the spring breeze in March is full of innovation. The reform of the system and mechanism of the tile axis has blossomed like beautiful silhouettes

optimize the allocation of factor resources from the production side, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of bearing supply and promote the effective connection between the new supply of bearing and the new demand of customers by increasing technological innovation, equipment updating and product innovation. The implementation of "subtraction" and "addition" measures one by one and the updating of jumping data in series are the sonorous steps taken by the tile axis people to explore, grasp difficulties, remedy weaknesses and seek breakthroughs after replacing fixtures

on the morning of March 26, the second workers' Congress of the fifth Wazhou group was held at the bearing workers' cultural center. Nearly 1000 employee representatives from all fronts of the company and outstanding contributors from all positions shoulder the great trust of the company's 10000 employees, discuss the development plan of the tile axis, and draw the blueprint for the reform and development of the enterprise

at 9:00 a.m., sunmaolin, general manager of the group company, announced the opening of the conference

Meng Wei, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, made an administrative work report entitled "continuous reform and innovation, implement the seven strategies, and achieve profitable growth and profits with cash flow". The report summarizes and reviews the outstanding features and highlights of the work in 2016. He said that 2016 is the first year of the 13th five year plan and a key year for comprehensively deepening reform. In the face of such complex situations as slowing economic growth and serious overcapacity, the company actively implemented the policy of "de stocking, reducing accounts receivable, reducing costs, improving quality, ensuring efficiency and improving management", vigorously promoted the "six transformations" and stabilized and improved its production and operation. Focusing on the six core elements of operation, the company's benefits and cash flow improved significantly. The introduction of lean and management innovation projects has significantly improved the enterprise's management ability. By integrating and optimizing internal and external resources, the development vitality of the enterprise has been released. We built a platform for technology sharing and development at home and abroad, and significantly improved our technological innovation capability. We implemented the talent strategy and made new breakthroughs in the construction and training of talent teams. The strategy of high-end and internationalization was promoted, and the proportion of medium and high-end products and overseas market revenue increased significantly. We will strengthen party building and corporate culture to promote the harmonious and stable development of enterprises

focusing on this year's work policies, objectives and tasks, Meng Wei pointed out that in 2017, the world economy will be in a stage of slow recovery and deep adjustment, and its complexity, instability and uncertainty will be further highlighted. The domestic economy is showing a trend of slowing down and stabilizing, and improving steadily. The overall market demand is still growing steadily, but the three structural imbalances will be very prominent. From the situation faced by the company, there are still many difficulties. In 2017, we should focus on 10 aspects: Deepening the reform of system and mechanism; Comprehensively improve product quality and service quality; Focus on high-end and specialization; Increase investment in technological innovation and break through key core technologies; Improve profit and cash flow; Seek benefits from management; Solidly promote the international layout; Change work style and strengthen team building; Strengthen safety, environmental protection and health management; We will strengthen party building and corporate culture

Meng Wei finally said that it was a good time for the wind to set sail. Wazhou group has stood at a new historical starting point. We should keep in mind the sacred responsibilities entrusted to us by the party and the government, and the ardent expectations of employees for the enterprise. With the morale of starting a business, the courage to overcome difficulties, and the spirit of pioneering and innovating, Wazhou group has bravely moved forward despite difficulties and dangers, and welcomed the 19th great victory of the party with its outstanding achievements in revitalization and development. The oil delivery valve has been opened slightly

Wanglong, executive deputy director of the safety, environmental protection and Health Committee of the group company, made a masterpiece of work safety report. The company reported the basic situation of the company's labor safety and health in the past year and the performance of the main principals, and made arrangements for the company's safety, environmental protection and health work in 2017

sun Mao participated in many additives in the new materials. Lin said when presiding over the meeting that in the face of unprecedented difficulties and pressures, Wazhou group has made great efforts to practice its internal skills, add and subtract from the market and products, implemented structural adjustment, accelerated transformation and upgrading, realized counter trend growth in scale and speed, and stabilized and improved economic benefits. In 2017, we should take the "quality year" as an opportunity to deepen reform and innovation, grasp the development opportunities, and strive to build the bearing group into a global bearing group with international competitiveness, based on comprehensively meeting customer needs and by means of implementing lean management and deeply tapping internal potential, with the goal of profitable growth and the profit of considering whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is a vertical cash flow

the conference was successfully concluded in a democratic and harmonious atmosphere

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