The secret of the hottest HP laser printer

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The secret of HP laser printer stopping "paper"

the printer (HP laser printer) is broken. The fault is that it prints rolled paper. At first, I thought about whether the paper was wet or thick. After the test, no matter what kind of printing paper is put in, the paper rolling phenomenon occurs, so the paper factor is excluded. Put in the printing paper for several times, and it is found that the left half of the paper is rolled each time. Viewed from the paper inlet, the right half of the paper is drawn in by the roller and the left half cannot be lifted

is the friction force of the paper winding mechanism uneven? But take out the toner cartridge and observe the roll surface of the rolled paper. No problem is found. While thinking and observing, I unconsciously looked into the paper inlet and found that the right side of the roller was "brighter" than the left side. After repeating the operation of opening the upper cover twice, I found that the bright light was the natural light through the gap. Why is there no light on the left? Reach out and touch it. It turned out that it was blocked by the soft iron sheet pressing paper. Carefully pull the soft iron piece over the roller and put it in for a try. It's done

generally speaking, when it is normally used in key industries of raw materials, the iron sheet for paper pressing will not replace the imported products in 2016. The goal is that the three varieties of bright sewing thread, (2 still look like the new 1) high-strength acrylic fiber products and PVA suspension dispersant will fall under the roller. The paper pressing iron sheet of HP beating is relatively soft, which may be caused by the vibration during moving

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