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Secrets of Nippon stores: fake paint sold quietly secrets of Nippon stores: fake paint sold quietly February 23, 2012 (see all pictures of Chinese paint)

[China paint information] recently, a consumer reported to the people that there were sales of fake paint in the major building materials market stores in Beijing, which also strengthened Evonik's determination to deceive consumers in this expansion. After the people learned that, To investigate the matter

confuse the fake with the real

came to Beijing Oriental home building materials market as a contractor. This is a super large building materials market, which has a complete supply of coatings

"do you want to buy paint?", In front of a Nippon franchise store, I saw that the staff came forward

"how much is a barrel?" Asked

"Nippon medley, 245 yuan a barrel, no negotiation."

"it's too expensive. I'll try another one." Responded

the staff immediately added, "there are cheap ones."

"how much cheaper?" Asked

"if it's cheap, I can get it for you." Pan, the person in charge of the Nippon lacquer store, took the paint aside and quietly told him, "these paints are produced in small workshops. The brand is still beautiful. It's almost the same as the real one, but the taste will be heavier."

"I have about 40000 square meters of paint, about 400 barrels." I gave the boss a number at random

later, the person in charge said that these so-called workshop paints were produced in a nearby small factory. They cost 160 yuan a barrel, which is 80 yuan cheaper than the market price of Medley at 240 yuan a barrel. Due to the use of Nippon Medley paint barrels, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to see that they can confuse the fake with the real

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dynasys of spine device includes the receipt provided by the exclusive store of pedicle nail state in Sihui building materials City, which clearly shows the official seal of the exclusive store of Nippon and the sale of fake paint

"after you take the goods from me, the business license, test report and receipt required by Party A (Note: construction contracting enterprise) can be provided!" The person in charge added affirmatively

then said to the person in charge, "Party A needs us to paint a sample room for them. You can get me three barrels first, and I will go back to paint samples." He said there was no problem and agreed to pay for the paint the next day

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at the paint collection site of Dongfang homeland, the staff of Nippon specialty store was carrying two barrels of fake Nippon Paint. It is agreed to hand over paint here

the "small business" of Nippon employees

in fact, the behavior of selling fake paint in the specialty store does not only exist in the Nippon specialty store mentioned above. Through visiting Wanjiadenghuo, Sihui and other building materials cities, it is found that the behavior of selling fake paint is common in the major Nippon Paint specialty stores

Wanjiadenghuo building materials market is located near the South Beach area of the Beijing Tibet expressway. The shops here are already disordered. The noisy traffic and people make this disorder more obvious. Seeing guests coming, the staff of a Nippon lacquer store hurried to meet them

"what paint do you need to buy?" Asked the boss

"medley, engineering paint, are there any cheap ones?" This is the beginning

"fake it?" The boss replied cautiously

"yes? I want about 40000 square meters, about 400 barrels."

obviously, the boss was interested in such a large amount of paint, so he responded: "there is a high imitation, 190 yuan a barrel. The barrel is also real, and the weight is not light, or?"

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the authorization number of the exclusive store of Nippon Sihui building materials city secretly photographed during the transaction. Even a franchised shop with formal authorization is secretly selling fake paint

in order to dispel his doubts, the boss surnamed Bu explained to him that this highly imitated paint was prepared by the staff of Nippon factory in Langfang according to the enterprise's production formula. It has no unpleasant smell and is almost the same as the real one. The production place is in Liangxiang, but the order should be placed one week in advance

after some bargaining, the boss Cui agreed to conclude a deal with the high imitation paint at the price of 180 yuan a barrel

the same situation of selling fake goods also occurred in Sihui building materials market. When I came to Nippon franchised stores here, I asked the boss if I could get a batch of Engineering paints, i.e. fake paints, and got a positive reply from the other side. Like the previous franchised stores, I could provide relevant test reports, business licenses and receipts

among the seven Nippon franchised stores in the building materials market, at least five received a positive response from the sales of fake goods

color matching of fake paint at the site of the franchised stores

according to the agreement with the above stores, go to the above three franchised stores to collect the paint for brushing samples

first came to the Nippon store in Sihui building materials market. There were other customers in the store. Seeing that he came to pick up the goods, the boss said, "the goods are ready."

when picking up the goods, the staff first took out three empty Nippon barrels. The boss told us that this barrel is the real barrel of Nippon. It sells for 25 yuan in the market. Many fake paints are sold in such real barrels

it was seen that the staff took out three barrels of exterior packaging as Shili paint in the small warehouse of the store, and skillfully and directly poured them into the three empty barrels of zhennippon. In this process, other customers are talking with the boss, and the staff are not shy

after paying a total of 465 yuan for 3 barrels of fake paint, the boss will stamp and hand over the test report issued by the national chemical building materials testing center, Nippon Paint business license and the receipt of the exclusive store one by one

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in the process of paint delivery, the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center issued a qualified inspection report on Nippon Paint provided by Nippon specialty store

the same smooth pickup also occurred in Wanjiadenghuo building materials market. According to the prior agreement, I paid boss Bu 535 yuan for 180 yuan a barrel and three barrels of paint. When the paint was handed over, boss Bu specially asked him to smell the smell. After confirming that there was no smell. Boss Bu said: "this kind of high imitation paint is hard for ordinary people to see."

in the Nippon store in the Oriental home building materials market, the aforementioned boss pan did not deliver the goods in the store as agreed in advance. He said in that it was not convenient to deliver in the store, and he was only responsible for providing paint and relevant test reports and documents. Therefore, the location of the transaction can only be changed to the parking lot of the Oriental home building materials market

In the middle of the transaction, boss pan became alert. He reneged on his promise to provide the store receipt with the official seal agreed in advance. He said that he could only use the official seal of Dongfang homeland, and the store had no official seal. Under the insistence of many parties, boss pan agreed to show the color printed business license and inspection report

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more details about the materials of Nippon stores will be announced about the corporate license of Nippon's factory in Langfang

after receiving the payment of 510 yuan, the boss took him aside and told him: "you must keep an eye on it. The risk is too great. Don't be caught. The public security has been paying close attention to this recently!"

in the investigation, it was also found that the sale of fake paint in exclusive stores was not an individual case. Some people in the paint industry pointed out that, in fact, the production and sales of the paint market have formed a complete interest chain. The contractors of many projects directly go to the exclusive stores to buy fake paint, and then quote the market price of the real paint to Party A. the dealers will also actively cooperate and provide relevant qualification certification for them. In this way, both parties will obtain huge economic benefits from it

then, they called Nippon Paint China Co., Ltd. about the sales of fake goods in the above-mentioned exclusive stores, and the wiring staff replied that the enterprise still needs to verify the sales of fake goods

on the way back to the unit, when the taxi master learned that this batch of fake paint was purchased by Nippon specialty store, he couldn't help sighing: "even the specialty store sells fake paint, so where can I buy real paint?"

is it just a few illegal acts caused by the above-mentioned dealers' selfish thoughts, or is it that Nippon group's lax review of dealers' qualifications, negligent management and extensive operation have led to the production and sale of counterfeit goods? People will continue to pay attention

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