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Nippon won the first batch of enterprises meeting the social standards in Pudong in 2009. From the end of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009, the continuous corporate social evaluation work in Pudong New Area of Shanghai will undoubtedly enhance the evaluation of the utilization of 3D printing prototypes and components in the aerospace field. After organizing an expert review meeting on May 20, 2009, the first batch of 16 enterprises were announced. At the specified speed, Nippon was awarded the first batch of enterprises meeting social standards in Pudong New Area of Shanghai in 2009. This assessment is also beneficial to the development and design of new products, involving four indicators of the enterprise's rights and interests, environment, integrity and harmony for two consecutive years. (refer to Pudong New Area enterprise social station for specific indicators)

since entering China for 17 years, Nipponpaint has not only innovated in coating technology and services, but also poured enthusiasm into the society. Nippon believes that in the process of fulfilling the society, the most important and primary project is to take care of more than 6000 Chinese employees, followed by the absolute importance of environmental protection and safety in the production process of products, while continuing to pour enthusiasm and complain about public welfare undertakings, such as the long-term concern on the "color, wayoflove" color hope project. As one of the preferred paint brands for Chinese consumers, Nippon has always won the reputation of consumers with its leading product innovation advantages in the Chinese market. At the same time, whether in marketing activities or product development, we strictly abide by the principle of honest and trustworthy operation, set an example, and uphold the principle of mutual respect among peers

Nippon company not only guides consumers to establish the concept of environmental protection and health in the selection and use of coatings, but also takes the production of environmentally friendly and healthy coatings as the final practice of the enterprise society, pays attention to every production link, and avoids any possible pollution to the surrounding environment. Nippon is also doing its best to contribute to the society all the time, because Nippon believes that success comes from the extensive support and help of the society. Only by being grateful can the brand get more important recognition

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